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Big Bang... for schools

Adventurous music festival for young audiences

Big Bang Festival 3

18-19 MAY 2017
Open up your ears! The European music festival for young people returns to the Onassis Cultural Centre to transform it into a musical labyrinth full of adventures.
Free entrance events and events with tickets (4-5 € per person)
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For the third year, the Big Bang, the European festival of music for young people and adventurous spectators aged 4-12 years old, returns at the OCC. Our young friends will see and experience a vibrant musical programme, consisting of concerts, sound installations, and workshops.  At the Big Bang, musicians specialized in different genres and styles will try to find which is the best way to present music to children.

However, the Big Bang is not simply a festival that addresses children. It also presupposes their participation. In each event, professional musicians open a dialogue with the young singers and players. Some times it even seems as if they share the stage with them.

The Festival aims to entirely improve the quality of music for children in Europe through exploration and adventure. Children and their parents get to know portraits of renowned composers and kinds of music, learning more about poetry – older and contemporary – but also sound art. Productions are based on all the kinds of sound art, as well as on the creative use of objects, which were not originally designed as musical instruments. Through the use of multimedia, they watch and take part in concerts.

The European network Big Bang is an initiative of Zonzo Compagnie from Belgium. The support of the European Union made possible the collaboration of cultural centres throughout Europe. All these institutions have undertaken to work together for a common mission: to present the elaborate world of music in an imaginative and adventurous way, which is approachable to children.


Festival Curators: Myrto Lavda, Christos Karras, Wouter van Looy

Thursday 18 and Friday 19 May 2017

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Sound-Body | Ictus Ensemble
Thursday & Friday 12:00 | Age guidance: 7+ | Duration: 50 minutes
Participation cost: 5 € per student

3ACH | Zonzo Compagnie
Thursday & Friday 11:30 | Age guidance: 6+ | Duration: 40 minutes
Participation cost: 5 € per student

Tune your tin | Nefeli Liouta
Thursday & Friday 11:00 | Age guidance: 5+ | Duration: 30 minutes
Participation cost: 5 € per student

FLY | Eleftherios Veniadis
Thursday & Friday 10:00 | Age guidance: 5+ | Duration: 35 minutes
Participation cost: 4 € per student

Turntable project | Gnous
Thursday & Friday 10:30 | Age guidance: 6+ | Duration: 35 minutes
Participation cost: 4 € per student

Reservation and more info:
T: +30 213 017 8002

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Sound-Body | Ictus Ensemble |
Thursday & Friday 12:00 | Age guidance: 7+ | Duration: 50 minutes
Six Ictus Fellows have decided to take up the challenge of giving a concert without musical instruments. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty and work flat out to achieve their goal.
Four fascinating scores have been uncovered for the occasion. With Homework II, In the Garage we delve into Francois Sahran’s toolbox in the hope of carrying out an impossible repair. With Francesco Filidei’s I Funerali dell' Anarchico Serantini we find ourselves in a law court where the public can also have its say. Then we sit around the table at home where all our problems are discussed and swept aside in the course of Thierry de Mey’s Musique de tables. We end up in the timber yard with Steve Reichs’ Music for Pieces of Wood where everything finally makes sense in this “happily ever after” tale.

Concept and performance: Ictus, Bozar Studios, J&M Brussel, ReMuA
Performers:  Ictus fellows
Sound: Hugues Rogie
Artistic Direction: Tom De Cock

3ACH | Zonzo Compagnie | Thursday & Friday 11:30 | Age guidance: 6+ | Duration: 40 minutes
Zonzo Compagnie conquers the world with intriguing performances about the work of fascinating musicians and composers. Earlier on, the music of John Cage, Miles Davis and Luciano Berio were unpacked and tackled, now it's Bach's turn. Bach is a monument. A wizard of sound and melody, a genius stringing together staggering fugues, preludes, chorals and partitas and who, 250 years after his death, still tops the charts. In 3ACH, two violinists guide you through Bach's world. Together they weave Bach's melodies past unparalleled harmonies. In a multimedial musical performance, the audience is submerged in what many believe to be the most beautiful music ever written.
Bach's music is intertwined with that of Piet-Jan van Rossum, one of the most inspiring composers of the Netherlands, who made his own interpretation of Bach's oeuvre.

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach and Piet-Jan van Rossum
Violin: Cynthia Freivogel & Ruyko Reid
Vionists in Athens’ performances: Lidewij van der Voort & Ryuko Reid
Direction and Set: Wouter Van Looy
Video: Ine Van Baelen & Stijn Grupping
Musical dramaturgy: Caecilia Thunissen
Technical design: Pieter Nys
Costume - Johanna Trudzinski
With: Brent Simons, Joshua Tassin, Victor Van Looy, Julian Cuevas, Lou Van De Noortgate, Morris Van De Noortgate, Luisa Noviello, Astor Noviello, Tiana Yalina Oliveira & Cassie Alcendor
A production of Zonzo Compagnie in co-production with BIG BANG festival, Concertgebouw Brugge, Bozar and Oorkaan.

Tune your tin | Nefeli Liouta | Thursday & Friday 11:00 | Age guidance: 5+ | Duration: 30 minutes
What’s the pitch of a cooking pot? How many frequencies can a cupboard produce? In what beat does a kettle vibrates?
Conventional household and street items blend harmonically with vocals, classic and electric instruments, in order to narrate tales of trees, soil, mountains, trains, streets, people and emotions.
Seven instruments and 75 objects await to take you on a journey in which every aspect of daily life is reused in the most unexpected way. Imagination lead us to extraordinary creations and everything around us is sound!

Nefeli Lioupa: lyrics, music, composition | violin, piano, vocals
Nikos Tselios: acoustic guitar, vocals
Romanos Lioutas: electric guitar, percussions, voice
Danai Beri: vocals
Alexis Stenakis: clarinet
Dimitris Konstantakopoulos: double bass
Konstantinos Zampos: drums
Everyone: objects
Sound: Stavros Georgiopoulos

FLY | Eleftherios Veniadis | Thursday & Friday 10:00 | Age guidance: 5+ | Duration: 35 minutes
Hovering – flying – flight – a journey up above, high, to the sky!
In Aristophanes’s comedy Peace, Trygaeus rides a beetle and soars heavenwards to speak to the gods. Experimental musical instruments and constructions inspired by simple everyday object offer a different dimension to this flight as they paint with colorful sounds the emotions it evokes. The original sounds thus produced create a new musical world which excites our young listeners’ imagination and demonstrates that music is omnipresent and can be created at any given place or time.

Composition/acting: Eleftherios Veniadis
Vocals/mezzo soprano: Anna Pagkalou
Experimental musical construction: Stefan Roszak
Percussions: Alexandros Giovanos
Lights: Melina Mascha

Turntable project | Gnous  | Thursday & Friday 10:30 | Age guidance: 6+ | Duration: 35 minutes
The Turntable Project: an interactive audio-visual performance for children above 6 years of age, using turntables and vinyl records as the main media for producing sound and image.
In the Turntable Project children become acquainted with vinyl as an object and with the turntable as a medium of sound production/reproduction to create their own sounds using very simple methods and techniques. Two musicians play old vinyl records, manipulate their surface, experiment with the turntable’s pitch control and, by using pedal effects and live looping, create a multidimensional musical/visual environment. At the same time, a video artist uses a spinning vinyl as the main visual theme in a live projection of moving images through video feed and animation.
Next, in a game of improvisation, the children “play” with the sounds and images they create on stage. Simultaneously, they experientially familiarize themselves with fundamental practices/techniques of turntablism, through which, according to the composer John Oswald, “the record player becomes a musical instrument”.

Gnous Company:
Michalis Moschoutis: music
Vasilis Tzavaras: music
Erato Tzavara: video artist

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The Festival addresses:

A young audience:
BIG BANG is suitable for children, as well as their parents and guardians.

An adventurous audience:
The Festival does not focus on a particular kind of music. A characteristic of its programme, such variety also aims to attract a diverse public, wishing to discover new kinds of music.

Diverse public:
The audience of BIG BANG reflects its programme. Diversity is central to the programme, which can only attract a diverse audience.

Apart from the Onassis Cultural Centre of the Onassis Foundation, the Big Bang network consists of Zonzo Compagnie (Belgium), Centro cultural de Belém (Portugal), Nytt Konserthus I Stavanger IKS (Norway), Opéra de Lille (France), Centre for Fine Arts – Bozar (Belgium), Kinder Kinder (Germany), Instituto de la cultura y las artes del ayuntamiento de Sevilla (Spain), and MotorMusic bvba (Belgium).

The Big Bang music festival for young people is a co-production of the Onassis Cultural Centre and Zonzo Compagnie. It is also an action of the Big Bang European Network.

Co-funded by the European Union / Creative Europe Culture Programme

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