Trisha Brown

In Plain Site

Dancing Athens

1-2 OCT 2016
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST) | Kallirrois Ave. & Amvr. Frantzi Street (former FIX factory)
A tribute to the ground-breaking work of the choreographer who put dance into the everyday life of the city.
Free admission, on a strictly first come first served basis. The distribution of entrance tickets begins at 11:00, one (1) hour before the event.

The audience can enter from Syngrou Avenue
Trisha Brown, an emblematic figure in American post-modern dance, is coming to Athens. A leading figure in the movement that irreversibly transformed the dance landscape in the early nineteen sixties, she boldly broke all the rules, having her dancers communicate from the rooftops of buildings, walk down museum walls and execute symmetrical, geometric choreographies on rafts floating in the middle of a lake. Space is always a natural ally in her works, a catalyst, a crucial framing, a favoured partner.

The experimentation that began back then in New York when dancers, composers, poets and visual artists set out together in search of new representational codes has never stopped. Fifty years on, Trisha Brown is still fascinated by and experimenting with the relationship between space, movement and the viewer. In Plain Site is different from her previous site-specific works in so far as it presents a collage of fragments from a half century of emblematic choreography. This unique retrospective will be created in collaboration with the National Museum of Contemporary Art, especially for the institution’s new premises. Extracts from earlier, more abstract works like Accumulation from 1971 will be combined with more theatrical pieces such as 1990’s Foray Foret in an unexpected encounter with the Athenian public which puts the abundant natural light of the new museum space to good use. A tribute to the ground-breaking work of the choreographer who put dance into the everyday life of the city.


Trisha Brown Dance Company:
Founding Artistic Director and Choreographer: Trisha Brown
Associate Artistic Director: Carolyn Lucas, Diane Madden
Dancers: Marc Crousillat, Olsi Gjeci, Leah Ives, Amanda Kmett’Pendry, Tara Lorenzen, Leah Morrison, Jamie Scott, Sam Wentz
Executive Director: Barbara Dufty
Company manager: Anne Dechene
Stage Manager & Production Management IPS: Betsy Ayer
International Representation: Therese Barbanel, Les Artscéniques

In collaboration with the National Museum of Contemporary Art

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Wednesday 28 & Thursday 29 September
Workshop with Trisha Brown's dancers

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1 - 2 Oct 2016

21:00 Kotzia Square
Free admission
For viewers under the age of 18, parental consent is necessary.


Boris Charmatz danse de nuit

1 Oct 2016

18:00 Syntagma Square, Athens centre
Free admission

Starting point: Syntagma sq.


Cie. Willi Dorner bodies in urban spaces

2 Oct 2016

11:00 Acropolis Museum
Free admission


Ioannis Mandafounis & Aoife McAtamney One One One

3 - 6 Nov 2016

20:30 Main Stage
Early Bird tickets are sold out.
Full price: 25-35-40-45-48-50 €
Reduced, Friends & Small groups (5-9 people): 20-28-32-36-38-40 €  
Large groups (10+ people): 25-28-32-34-35 €
People with disabilities: 5 € - Companions: 10 €
Unemployed: 5 €


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