Made in USA | a quartet

Heather Kravas

Made in USA

20-21 NOV 2016
Main Stage
1 hour
Can individual units come together to form a group? How far can our ‘wants’ extend when others’ ‘wants’ begin? The unit and the group: four dances, a small community.
Full price: 10 €
Reduced, Friends, Small groups (5-9 people): 8 €
Large groups (10+ people): 7 €
People with disabilities, Unemployed: 5 €
Companions: 8 €
Combo 4 tickets for "The Record" performance: 5 € per ticket
Combo 1+1: 5 € per ticket for selected performances of "Made in USA" festival: "A Piece of Work", "Age & Beauty Part 1", "Judson Church is Ringing in Harlem", "Phone Homer", "Tell Me Love Is Real", "The Record"
Ballet, traditional Greek dances, majorette moves and movements from labour demonstrations: in a quartet, four outstanding dancers with different styles draw their inspiration from unrelated sources and perform four solos which unfold simultaneously.  The common thread running through all four is the word ‘want’, which is repeated at the start of the piece and haunts it through to the end.

Through a choreography rooted on a precision of movement which must have taken countless hours of rehearsal to master, Heather Kravas, a choreographer with Greek roots, experiments with its elements through the whole, highlighting the moments of unanimity, points of tension, and clashes that reveal fragmentation. She studies how the repetition of motifs through the imposition of unity can reveal difference.

Ultimately, can the individual units with their divergent goals form a group? How do exception and conflict work? Where does ‘we’ end and ‘they’ begin? This performance puts our socially accepted norms and beliefs under the microscope, and the production’s minimalist lens reveals conventions of every sort. How far can our ‘wants’ extend when others’ ‘wants’ begin?


Choreographer: Heather Kravas
Performers: Oren Barnoy, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Jennifer Kjos, Liz Santoro
Composer/Musician: Dana Wachs
Lighting Designer: Madeline Best
Lighting Supervisor: Elliott Jenetopulos
Scenographer: Jason Starkie
Production Assistant: Sara Jinks

Supporters: On the Boards, Performance Space 122, The Kitchen, 4Culture, MAP Foundation, National Performance Network, CCN à Belfort, PACT/Zollverein

Sunday 20 November
After performance talk with Heather Kravas
Chaired by Nina Alcalay, dance theorist

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