Athens, Linie 1

Sophia Vgenopoulou

15-19 FEB 2017
Upper Stage
1 hour and 55 minutes
The unique musical "Linie 1" by Volker Ludvig is staged in a new production by the pioneer youth-theatre director Sophia Vgenopoulou and her theatre company, Grasshopper Youth.
Full price: 12 €
Reduced, Friend & Small groups (5-9 people): 10 €
Large groups (10+ people): 9 €
People with disabilities & Unemployed: 5 € | Companions: 10 €
Zone 7 € (limited tickets available)

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An extraordinary musical for an audience of all ages, Linie 1 deals with the life of young people in a large, chaotic, and at the same time enchanting city. A classic work by German writer Volker Ludwig, Linie 1 is presented in a new production that transports us to Greece of 2017. A pioneer of youth theatre, Sophia Vgenopoulou and her theatre company, Grasshopper Youth, along with a group of actors consisting of teenagers and professional actors, revisit this incredible text in order to shed light on the anguish, desires, and dreams of young people within the social and historical context of contemporary Athens.

Linie 1 was written in 1986, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, for an innovative Berlin youth theatre company, Grips-Theater; its artistic director was the writer himself, Volker Ludwig. It essentially depicts the coming of age. At the same time, it sketches a whole city, and portrays an entire era. The work deals with the journey of a teenager, who comes from the provinces to West Berlin looking for her beloved.
It is a work that speaks of hope and defeat, dreams and illusions, loneliness and the need of companionship. Sophia Vgenopoulou and Grasshopper Youth keep the main structure of the work and the central idea of the plot. However, they draw on extra material that includes interviews with and confessions of everyday Athenians. In this way, by remodelling the portrayal of characters, this new production reflects on urgent issues of our time, such as the financial crisis, extreme behaviours and tendencies, and the refugee crisis.


Translation, Verse Adaptation, Orchestration, Music Adaptation: : Alexis Kalofolias
Adaptation: Giannis Tsirmpas
Dramaturgy Associates: Vangelis Kyriakou, Panayiota Konstantinakou
Direction: Sophia Vgenopoulou
Sets: Eva Manidaki
Costumes: Ioanna Tsami  
Music Dramaturgy: Mihalis Panadis
Movement: Stavroula Siamou
Lights: Dimitris Kasimatis
Music Coaching: Melina Peonidou
Assistant Director: Artemis Manou
Assistant to the Set Designer: Myrto Megaritou
Costume Design Assistant: Vassiliki Sourri, Ifigeneia Daoudaki
Set building: Lazaridis Scenic Studio
Actors: Vangelis Abatzis, Anastasis Georgoulias, Marianna Dimitriou, Glykeria Dimou, Julia Diamantopoulou, Kostas Koutsolelos, Artemis Manou, Thanassis Megalopoulos, Arietta Moutousi, Elina Rizou, Giorgos Skarlatos, Haris Tsitsakis
Production: Onassis Cultural Centre

The following members of the theatre company Grasshopper Youth take part in the production: Savina Alevizaki, Irene Doxa, Katerina Koika, Christos Kypriotis, Ermini Nika, Konstantinos Nikou
Musicians: Giannis Choustoulakis (guitar), Costas Chrysogelos (timpani), Alessandro Castagneri (percussion)  

The poem "Adolescent Eyes Wide Open" by Giannis Tsirbas was inspired by the song "13 going on 21" by Dead Moon. It was set to music by Alexis Kalofolias.
LINIE 1 by Volker Ludwig and Birger Heymann
© for international productions Felix Bloch Erben, Berlin, 2016 (represented by SKA Agency, Athens/Berlin,

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