4th Young Choreographers Festival / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

4th Young Choreographers Festival

1-2 APR 2017
Main Stage & Upper Stage
Contemporary dance from up-and-coming choreographers working in Greece and beyond. An open dialogue between a new generation of artists, art and society.
Now in its fourth year, the OCC’s annual date with new choreographers will once again be supporting and spotlighting the work of up-and-coming figures on the Greek and international contemporary dance scene. However, the Festival’s aspirations extend beyond spotlighting the on-stage quests and experiments of a new generation of choreographers; it also seeks to stimulate an open dialogue with our current social and political context, to eavesdrop on upcoming trends, and to prepare the ground for future artistic collaborations.  At a macro level, OCC programming prioritizes the building of bridges between different generations of artists, and hence the mapping of the evolution and the expectations manifested by the arts over time.

We are therefore dedicated to teasing out and recording a genealogy for dance which now extends beyond Greece’s geographical borders. Following society’s example and embracing difference, multiculturalism and intercultural exchange, art proposes different modes of collaboration between peoples and nations; in the hands of the next generation of artists, it can become a palimpsest on which the realities of an era are recorded, erased and rewritten. This willingness to move from the familiar to next-generation proposals is what the New Choreographers Festival, which is curated by Katia Arfara, seeks to capture. Doing so will cement its relationship with both current developments and the subversions to come.


Concept and Artistic direction: Katia Arfara

1-2 April
Hannes Langolf & Ermira Goro
A new production
Aria Boumbaki
162 Dance Meetings
Eirini Papanikolaou
Iro Aspostolelli

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