The Death of Recorded Music / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

The Death of Recorded Music

A new sonic reality is born

11-12 MAR 2017

Outside the OCC
Epikourou 26 and Korinis 4, Athens
All events will be held in English (with no translation into Greek).
Two days of lectures, discussions, performances, dj sets, and screenings about the end of recorded music and its future. Participants: Daniel Miller (Mute/London), Bill Drummond (KLF, K Foundation), Adam Harper (musicologist, music critic, and writer), Bill Kouligas (PAN), James Leyland Kirby (The Caretaker), and the media performance ensemble AUDiNT of Kode9 (Hyperdub), Toby Heys and Eleni Ikoniadou
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Music no longer needs material objects for its reproduction or transfer. Nowadays, it is spread on the internet, stored in hard drives and streamed online.This modular and open ecosystem inspires the use, diffusion, and making of music. Massive record collections have been turned into immaterial databases, currently accessible by ubiquitous networks. The once complicated and costly processing of sound is now nothing more than a simple task on our touch screens. Physical recording media have been replaced by links and endless chains of information, while music “specialists” by the algorithm of “similar artists”. At the same time, one can observe the emergence of an online music community -a new underground- that uses streaming platforms (SoundCloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, among others) in order to express itself. On the contrary, pop culture is increasingly contained within concepts of nostalgia and revival, haunting the production of the “new” with ghosts of the past.
In the digital era, new possibilities emerge in the relationship between sound, space, machines, and the body. What has not already been realized is considered to be foreseeable. There is a future that is here already, present in each screen, application, and new relation that is being formed between the digital and the real world. They all lead to the birth of a new sonic reality that constitutes the death of recorded music as we came to know it during the 20th century.
The study and critique of our sonic culture play a decisive role in our understanding of the present times. Music has never restricted itself to something that one merely “listens” to, but rather constitutes a “condition” experienced in unchartered parts of space and time.

Participants: Daniel Miller (Mute/London), Bill Drummond (KLF, K Foundation), Adam Harper (musicologist, music critic, and writer), Bill Kouligas (PAN), James Leyland Kirby (The Caretaker), and the media performance ensemble AUDiNT of Kode9 (Hyperdub), Toby Heys and Eleni Ikoniadou


Curated by: Voltnoi Brege, Quetempo
Organized by: Pasqua Vorgia


17:00 – 19:30
James Leyland Kirby (The Caretaker)
Bill Kouligas (PAN)
Daniel Miller (Mute/London)
Adam Harper (Zero Books)
20:00 – 21:30
Film Screening
Imagine waking up and all music has disappeared; a documentary directed by Stefan Schwietert
21:30 – 22:30
Lecture Performance
Bill Drummond (KLF, K Foundation)
23:00 – 05:00
Club Night
at Boiler with Daniel Miller (Mute/London) & Voltnoi Brege
17:00 – 19:00
In Conversation
with Daniel Miller, Bill Kouligas, Adam Harper, James Leyland Kirby
Moderated by Yannis Orestis Papadimitriou
19:30 – 20:30
Lecture Performance
AUDiNT (Steve Goodman/Kode9, Eleni Ikoniadou, Toby Heys)
23:00 – 05:00
Closing Party
at Boiler with Kode9 & Bill Kouligas

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AUDiNT has been conducting research, rituals, and experiments into the opening of the 3rd ear, a dimension that materializes when sound, ultrasound, and infrasound are simultaneously deployed in a precise schema of sequencing, duration, and amplification. Originally formatted in 1945 by three ex-members of the Ghost Army. AUDiNT, short for “Audio Intelligence” is a collaborative, research team comprised of artists and scholars. AUDiNT is adapting to the tactical battlefield of twenty-first century networks and capitalizing on their viral dynamics by systematically uploading the research archive they have compiled over the past 60 years probing the hauntological power of sonic weaponry. In opening the archive they hope to realize their new mandate of arming the public with sonic weaponry so that it does not become the sole preserve of the military-entertainment complex.
Bill Drummond
William Ernest "Bill" Drummond (b. 29 April 1953) is a South African-born Scottish artist, musician, writer, and record producer. He was the co-founder of late 80s avant-garde pop group The KLF and its 90s media-manipulating successor, the K Foundation, with which he burned a million pounds in 1994. More recent art activities, carried out under Drummond's chosen banner of the Penkiln Burn, include making and distributing cakes, soup, flowers, beds and shoe-shines. More recent music projects include No Music Day, and the international tour of a choir called The17. Drummond is the author of several books about art and music.
Steve Goodman
Steve Goodman is a Lecturer in Music Culture at the School of Sciences, Media, and Cultural Studies at the University of East London, a member of the CCRU (Cybernetic Culture Research Unit), and the founder of the record label Hyperdub. He produces bass-driven electronic music under the name Kode9 and is also a member of the sound art collective Audint. Goodman also has a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Warwick and has published the book Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear. Artists who have released on Hyperdub include label owner Kode9, DJ Rashad, Laurel Halo, Scratcha DVA, Jessy Lanza, Cooly G and most notably Burial.

Adam Harper
Adam Harper is a music theorist, critic, and the author of the book Infinite Music. Imagining the Next Millennium of Human Music-Making (Zero Books, 2012), in which he speculates on how music may sound, and what forms it may take, in the future. A PhD student in musicology, Harper lectures and teaches at the City University, writes regularly for The Wire and Dummy, blogs on Rouge’s Foam, and gives interdisciplinary lectures and seminars at venues such as the Darmstadt Summer Courses in New Music and All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival, and on The Guardian’s ‘Music Weekly’ podcast series.
Toby Heys
Dr Toby Heys is a Reader in Digital Media at Manchester School of Arts and is the Leader of the Future Technologies research centre. Heys is a member of the sonic research unit AUDINT. They are currently preparing an anthology called ‘Unsound : Undead’ for publication through Univocal.

Eleni Ikoniadou
Eleni Ikoniadou is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication at Kingston University and leader of the Audio Culture Research Unit. She is author of The Rhythmic Event (MIT Press, 2014, Technologies of Lived Abstraction series), co-editor of Media After Kittler (Rowman and Littlefield International, 2015), and co-editor of the Media Philosophy series (RLI).
James Leyland Kirby
Sonic terrorist. Music industry demolisher. Violator of copyright law. Composer of otherworldly ambient drone. Pop cultural archaeologist. Frustrated future thinker. The 'previous experience' section of James Leyland Kirby's CV contains enough apparently contradictory roles to fill out most peoples' lifetimes.
The Caretaker is a long-running project by electronic musician James Leyland Kirby alongside his better-known project V/Vm. Initially the project was inspired by the haunted ballroom scene in the Stanley Kubrick film The Shining, with the first several releases consisting of dark ambient with intermittent orchestral segues and flourishes. Recently, The Caretaker has shifted attention onto the processes of the brain's function in recalling memories.
V/Vm is the experimental music and sound collage project of James Leyland Kirby. Although starting out mainly in the style of noise music, Kirby is also a composer of original electronic music and remixes. His vast output is released primarily on his own V/Vm Test Records label. He currently resides in Kraków.
Bill Kouligas
Bill Kouligas is a Berlin based artist, musician and founder of the label Pan. Berlin-based PAN has been excavating experimental electronic attitudes since 2008. Label helmsman Bill Kouligas grew up in Athens on a steady dose of hardcore, post-punk and new wave, and had already got his hands deep in the European noise scene before arriving in Berlin. He initially started PAN to document the music of his friends, while also setting up a platform to explore his graphic interests, and the cross-section of ideas that lie in-between.
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller is the founder of Mute, launched in 1978 with his own 7” single – "Warm Leatherette" under the name The Normal. Since then, Mute has grown from Miller’s one-man operation into a global group of companies and today, as ever, Miller remains heavily focused on Mute’s creative output. Mute featured several prominent musical acts on its roster such as Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Erasure, Fad Gadget, Goldfrapp, Grinderman, Inspiral Carpets, Moby, New Order, Nitzer Ebb, Wire, Yeasayer, and Yazoo.
Yannis Orestis Papadimitriou
Born in Athens in 1987, Yannis Orestis Papadimitriou is a journalist. He was worked for newspapers and online media, and as a translator and documentary production assistant. He is currently a member of the editorial team of UNFOLLOW magazine and of the English-speaking online platform Athens Live.
Voltnoi Brege
Yorgos Konstantinidis known as Voltnoi Brege is a multimedia artist, founding member of the audiovisual groups drog_A_tek and The Erasers, the cultural centre BIOS and the DETACH art collective. Currently he works as an independent curator.
Makis Kentepozidis known as Quetempo is a member of drog_a_tek and DETACH working on sound text desire of everyday life critique.

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