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30 MAR - 2 APR 2017
20:00 | 20:30 | 21:00 | 21:30
Hospice for the Disabled (39 Agias Zonis str, Athens)
Real life scenarios becomes composed performances by Manos Tsangkaris. This is the installation-composition "Home" from "Living Spaces".
Price: 5 €
Large groups (10+ people) and Unemployed: 4 €

Group ticket reservations at
The venue is not accessible to people with mobility impairments.
You can purchase tickets at Hospice for the Disabled but the payment is only by cash.
The "Living Spaces" are composed performances that have made their way into different preexisting situations. One can imagine real life scenarios in which at first one wouldn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary but then there’s a slight movement or development after which everything suddenly looks different. The audience is incorporated into the happening in a special way, one that is explored on foot or even taken in in the manner of a flâneur.

The installation-composition Home from "Living Spaces" is concerned in the broadest sense with sickness that is found in every family. Here, the daughter of the house (or has she already become the mother?) waits among the “aliens”.


Concept, Composition, Direction: Manos Tsangkaris
Piano: Lenio Liatsou
Oidipous: Kostas Tzekos
Iokasti: Maria Vlachopoulou
Laios: Kostas Laskos
Pythia: Vaso Bourazanidou
Thanks for the participation to Zenia Agkistrioti and Dimitris Katsimiris.
Assistant Directors: Markus Oppenländer, Nikitas Vassilakis
Costumes and props manager: Elisavet Kokkonari
Choreoraphy & Stills: Pauline Huguet
Translation: Giannis Kalifatidis  
Production Coordination: Hara Mourla
Line Producer: Vassilis Panagiotakopoulos
Assistant Line Producer: Despina Sifniadou
Commissioned – Produced by: Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens
Premiere: 30 March 2017, Hospice for the Disabled

Special thanks to the Hospice for the Disabled and Dimitra Pipili for their great support and cooperation.

Timetable (The concert duration is 1 hour.  The entrance is every 30 minutes, with 15 audience members each time):
30 MAR – 2 APR 2017: 20:00 | 20:30 | 21:00 | 21:30
Reservation is recommended due to limited availability.

Sunday 2 April
Workshop with Manos Tsangkaris

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“Living Spaces”: The New Music Theatre of Manos Tsangaris

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