featuring Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Lionel Loueke and Eric Harland

10 NOV 2016
Main Stage
The sound of jazz today from an all-star quartet.
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Four artists make the ultimately contemporary jazz group. Their music shares the use of conventional and unconventional techniques, and a playing that has become a subject of study. It beautifully brings together various influences in an unforced manner, featuring ideas that complement each other in an ingenious way.

English bass player Dave Holland first became known for his part in Miles Davis’s historic album Bitches Brew. Since then, he has continued to develop in terms of his musical expression. He has been a pioneer and an active catalyst for most of the developments in jazz in the last five decades. Bandleader and orchestrator Chris Potter has been characterised as ‘the second leading tenor saxophonist after [Sonny] Rollins’. His work includes 15 albums as a leader, and more than 100 contributions in albums with other artists. Taking as his aesthetic starting point Charlie Parker, Lester Young, and Sonny Rollins, his sound is contemporary, drawing elements from bebop. Eric Harland is by far the most wanted drummer of his generation. He has already made 200 recordings at the age of 36, and has received numerous awards. Known as a one-man percussion orchestra, he enjoys wide recognition within the musical world. Lionel Loueke from Benin brings together his charismatic use of melody, an in-depth knowledge of African music, his special ability for orchestration, and a set of guitar techniques, which he uses on his nylon-string guitar creating a very special sound.

In each new collaboration, these four musicians redefine their playing and personal musical language. Together they create a sound that bridges modern jazz tradition with the unpredictability of musical creation through improvisation.


AZIZA featuring Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Lionel Loueke and Eric Harland
Instrumentation is:   
Dave Holland: Bass
Chris Potter: Saxophone
Lionel Loueke: Guitar
Eric Harland: Drums

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