Appalachian Cobra Worshipers / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Appalachian Cobra Worshipers

30 JUN 2017
Upper Stage
After a series of concerts in unusual places, the Appalachian Cobra Worshipers bring Americana music at the Upper Stage of the Onassis Cultural Centre.
Full price: 5 €
People with disabilities & Unemployed: 3 €
Companions: 5 €
Formed in 2011 by musicians of the music group Illegal Operation, Appalachian Cobra Worshipers’s members are Manolis Aggelakis (vocals, guitars, mantola), Stathis Ioannou (banjo, guitars, vocals), Marios Sarakinos (percussion), and Giorgos Tsalkidis (double bass, vocals). They play traditional music of the Appalachia region, also known as Americana music, a genre that became known in the 1990s. Old traditional songs come to life; they also create new compositions in the same style. They usually play their music in unusual places such as pizzerias, tavernas, record stores, outdoor benches, bars, as well as small and large concert halls.
The idea for a project at the Onassis Cultural Centre sprang at a time when they were performing in private spaces – that is in people’s houses. These were fans of their music, whom they didn’t always now, but sometimes were total strangers. The host’s responsibility was to take care of the canapés and the drinks, as well the audience; they invited close friends along with the group’s fans. In this way, different people had the chance to come into contact with a music genre they would not have listened to normally, and to create new acquaintances and friendships through music.
In collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Centre, Appalachian Cobra Worshipers will attempt something similar in a series of concerts that will conclude with a concert at the OCC Upper Stage in June.


Musicians: Manolis Angelakis, Stathis Ioannou, Marios Sarakinos, George Tsalkidis
Sound: Giorgos Liapis
Line Production: Yiannis Vagenas

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