International Music Documentary Film Festival

20-23 OCT 2016
Main Stage & Upper Stage
The biggest international music documentary film festival goes to the Onassis Cultural Centre.
General admission & Friends: 7 €, 5 €*, 10 €*** (Doc Alive)
Special Needs & companion, the unemployed: 5 €, 3 €*
Combo 2 tickets for 2 different screenings: 5 € per ticket**
Combo 4 tickets for the same screening: 6 € per ticket**

For screenings with an asterisc (*), a special price of 5 € is available for the given days and times.
For screenings with a double asterisc (**), combo tickets (multiple screenings / multiple tickets for the same screening) are available at lower prices.
Screenings with a triple asterisc (***) are followed by a live performance (Doc Alive).
Leonard Cohen and Blur, Bob Dylan and The National, Nina Simone and Janis Joplin. The biggest international music documentary film festival, In-Edit Festival, returns to Athens to shake us up, in Onassis Cultural Centre.

For four days, from 20 to 23 October, all spaces of the Onassis Cultural Centre will be filled with sounds and images from the international music scene.

The festival was held for the first time in Barcelona 13 years ago and today is a reference point for music and cinema lovers around the world. This year, its journey around the world begins in Athens, followed by Barcelona, Bogota, Mexico City, Santiago, Berlin and of course, Thessaloniki. Nobody will be able to stay in his seat while watching stories about musics and musicians that made history.

In-Edit was first held in Greece, in Thessaloniki in 2014, and since 2015 is presented in two editions, both in Athens and Thessaloniki. Its program brings on the big screen fascinating stories from the backstage of the musical world that will not leave anyone unmoved. Stay tuned!


Organized and Curated by: Parenthesis, Marianna Platyrrachou, Nikos Rossolatos

Everyday live sessions from the producers of Pepper radio 96.6 from 18:00-22:00

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Thursday 20 October
Main Stage
21:00 | Oasis: Supersonic (127') | followed by a dj set with Dj Spector (boogie, hip hop, disco and indie pop music)

Friday 21 October
Main Stage
18:00** | Mistaken for Strangers (80') | about the National
19:45** | The Amazing Nina Simone (115')
22:00*** | Fonko (93') | with a live performance (Doc Alive)

Saturday 22 October
Main Stage
16:00* | Don't Look Back (101') | about Bob Dylan
18:00** | Danny Says (109') | about Danny Fields
20:15 | Blur: New World Towers (98')
22:30 | Oasis: Supersonic (127')

Upper Stage
18:30** | Leonard Cohen: Bird On A Wire (110')
20:45** | Mistaken for Strangers (80')
22:30 | JANIS Little girl blue (111')

Sunday 23 October
Main Stage
17:45* | Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble (101')
19:45*** | The Possibilities Are Endless (90') | with a live performance (Doc Alive)
22:00 | JANIS Little girl blue (111')

Upper Stage
18:15** | The Sad and Beautiful world of Sparklehorse (88')
20:00 | Blur: New World Towers (98')
22:00** | Don't Look Back (101') | about Bob Dylan

Click here to read the 12 music documentaries' abstracts.

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