“spielBar” from the Ensemble Musikfabrik / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

“spielBar” from the Ensemble Musikfabrik

Musical co-creation workshop for people 65+

24 FEB 2017
In English
For people over 65 who love music and experimentation
The Ensemble Musikfabrik leads a musical collaboration for people over 65 who love music and experimentation.
Cost: 15 €
With its “spielBar" workshop, the Ensemble Musikfabrik sets out to disprove the perception that only virtuosi and especially talented artists can play contemporary music.
The participants in “spielBar” are invited to develop their creative and intellectual musical abilities rather than their technique. Soloists, professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts and beginner musicians, all of them over 65, come together to make music together under the guidance of the Ensemble Musikfabrik. All the works played during the workshop will allow the participants to involve themselves meaningfully in the composition process.
Which means the “spielBar” isn’t just a space for experimentation; it is also the venue for a day packed with new experiences.

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T: 213 017 8002

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