Open Call: Submitting proposals for Radio_OCC / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Open Call: Submitting proposals for Radio_OCC

29 Nov 2016
Submit your proposal until 8 January 2017 to take part in Radio_OCC.
Radio plays in a different frequency

Open Call:
How do new technologies change the definition, composition, aim and scope of the traditional radio play? Which new themes and genres emerge to address the new informational landscape?
We are always online, video and audio streaming from a variety of sources and outlets. Digital media now occupy our headspaces constantly thus changing the way we understand, experience and process works of art. Once, the radio play was a cultural event in itself: wholly dependent on sound and narrative drive it would trigger the imagination of the listener to tell stories of both everyday life and adventures in faraway lands. Given recent technological advances, what might a radio play sound like today?
The Radio_OCC series of radio plays specially commissioned by the Onassis Cultural Centre aims to challenge received notions about what a radio play is like. Following on from the example of Samuel Beckett and Philippe Soupault’s radio plays, the commissioned plays at Radio_OCC will take advantage of the specific abilities of digital technology. The Onassis Cultural Centre invites musicians, sound artists and writers to address how digital technology might impact on the stories currently being told. By shifting its focus from the visual and written world to aural space, the Radio_OCC plays will engage with the resonant, dynamic, discontinuous features of acoustic space.  The radio plays will give primacy to the listening experience seeking to create an immersive experience: we are not looking for a traditional play but rather a play where sound is given primacy over speech.
The Radio_OCC plays can be in English or Greek.
Duration of each play: 25-30 minutes
Submissions will need to include the following:
  • Concept note of your radio play (400 words max)
  • Sample of the play (audio or text)
  • List of people involved
  • Contact details
  • Bio of the creators (150 words max)
The fees and production costs will be discussed with applicants on the basis of their submissions.
Submission deadline:
You can submit your proposal to by 8 January 2017.
Organised and curated by: Christos Carras, Theodoros Chiotis

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