18 NOV 2016
Actors & directors
Daniel Fish comes to the OCC to discuss with actors and directors about how he engages with dramatic and non dramatic texts.
Cost: 6 €
An experimenter of genius with a body of works to his name which straddles theatre, film, opera and essay, Daniel Fish has forged a conceptual theatre which sacrifices none of its vivacity or emotivity, no matter whether he’s directing a classic play by Shakespeare or Molière, a single scene from a screenplay–as he did with Charlie Kaufman’s Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, or fragments from novels by Jonathan Franzen and David Foster Wallace.

Who Left This Fork Here (2015) is a wired, on-stage dissection of Act Three of Chekhov’s Three Sisterswhich features three outstanding performers of different ages–each of whom has a bizarre but clearly specified ‘mission’ to perform among the towers of fantasy cakes, cameras and technicians wandering on and off stage bearing neon lamps, chairs, cables, cameras and microphones.

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Aimed at: Actors and directors

The workshop will be held in English.

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T.: 213 017 8002

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