Masterclass by Laurent Chétouane and Mikael Marklund / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Masterclass by Laurent Chétouane and Mikael Marklund

Dancing in Khaos

Laurent Chétouane

6-7 DEC 2016
A 2-day masterclass, a leap into the unknown by Laurent Chétouane and Mikael Marklund.
Cost: 20 €
The seeing human being always associates the upright standing position with an ideal vertical around which it organises its body in space. However, this “transcendental” vertical does not correspond to the position of a standing man’s spine.

Perceiving this difference opens up a wider scope in which the body regains weight, compactness, volume beyond the images and representations one is wont to operate with in dance. Eternally falling from the vertical, the dancer discovers new movement sequences which she/he can only unfold in the uncontrollable now of falling without being able to anticipate them. A dance that always presumes a leap into the unknown, the unimaginable, a surrender to the contingency of the world.

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Professional dancers

Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 December 2016


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