A Saturday dedicated to the art of Hybrids and Wikipedia / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

A Saturday dedicated to the art of Hybrids and Wikipedia

Workshops for adults in the context of “Hybrids” exhibition

17 DEC 2016
Write Wikipedia entries and unearth digital and other sources relating to Hybrid Art in the library of the Athens School of Fine Arts.
Free admission
Registration is required. Please reserve at digital@sgt.gr
Join us in the multipurpose lecture hall, in the new Library building of the Athens School of Fine Arts, to participate in this Edit-a-thon co-organized by the Onassis Cultural Centre with the Open Technologies Alliance – GFOSS and the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Researchers from the Athens School of Fine Arts, along with editors from the Wikimedia Community User Group Greece, will be at your side, eager to support you in the process.

During the workshop, starting with Digital and Hybrid arts, you will learn how to write and edit Wikipedia articles, tour the new Library building and of course, meet people sharing the same interests. The terms and articles created during the day, will be included in the live projection featured in the Hybrids exhibition at the Onassis Cultural Centre.

This Hybrid arts “edit-a-thon” –as Wikipedia content building events are usually called– will begin on December 17th, to be followed by future events within the next year.

The only thing you are going to need in order to participate, is to bring your laptop.


11:00 | Registration
11:30 | Lecture: “Universal ARTuring Machines – A brief historical overview of the origins of digital arts and their technical media”
Dimitris Ginosatis, Adjunct Assistant Professor (P.D. 407) of Philosophy & Aesthetics
12:30 | Presentation: “Editing articles on Wikipedia”, Marios Magioladitis (WCUGGR)
13:00 | Selecting articles and getting familiar with the recommended bibliography
13:30 | Break
14:00 | Editing of Wikipedia articles
17:00 | Conclusions and closing

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Free admission

Registration is required. Please reserve at digital@sgt.gr

Athens School of Fine Arts Library (Peiraos 256, 182 33 Ag. Ioannis Rentis)
Onassis Cultural Centre, Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS), Athens School of Fine Art (ASFA), Wikimedia Community User Group Greece (WCUGGR)

Suggested terms:
Universal Turing Machine, von Neumann architecture, Algorithmic art, Genetic art, Fractal art, Evolutionary art, Organic art, Robotic art, Artificial life sculpture, Autonomous agents, Kinetics, Net art, Immersive environment, Game art, Virtual reality, Interface, Tactility, Image and speech recognition, Interaction with artificial characters, Databases, Digital archives, Information visualization, Agent research, ID technologies, Surveillance technologies, Bioengineering, Biosensors, Bioidentification and Biosurveillance, Rapid prototyping, Global positioning system (GPS), Genetic Algorithms, Brain monitoring, Humanoid robots, Perception and cognition, Nanotechnology, Wireless communication and mobile computing, Location sensitive communication, Robot vision and motion, Robot autonomy, Genetic Algorithms, Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), Virtual communities and telecollaboration, Telepresence, Remote museums, Telemedicine, Synthetic image and telecommunication, Integration, Visualizing net activity, 3-D sound, Motion simulation, Force feedback, Synthetic scene generation, Ambient sound and sound localization, Speaker identification and tracking, Earcons and sonification, Autonomous software agents, Social and emotional computing, Artificial intelligence, Information visualization and foraging, Augmented reality systems, Tangible bits, Ubiquitous/pervasive/invisible computing, Wearable computing, Smart spaces/houses/highways, Gesture and touch recognition, Speech recognition and synthesis, Face and facial expression recognition, Transgenic Art, Simulation modeling, Telematic art, Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), Electronic Multi User Stage Environment, Rhizomes

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