4th Young Choreographers Festival: Hannes Langolf & Ermira Goro / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

4th Young Choreographers Festival: Hannes Langolf & Ermira Goro


4th Young Choreographers Festival

1-2 APR 2017
Main Stage
Strobe lights and smoke will be used during the concert.
How wide is the divide between danger and happiness? Why are we forever getting in our own way? What are you waiting for? Two talented artists join forces as choreographers for the first time and set their sights on a series of ever-relevant questions-without-answers.
Full price: 7 €
Reduced, Friend & Small groups (5-9 people): 6 €
Large groups (10+ people): 5 €
People with disabilities & Unemployed: 5 € | Companions: 5 €

Combo ticket: 5 € for 2 performances on the same date
Group ticket reservations at groupsales@sgt.gr
Ermira Goro and Hannes Langolf on stage together for the first time as creators. Of course, they share a common past as performers with the distinguished choreographer Lloyd Newson and his internationally renown company, DV8 Physical Theatre. But this new creative meeting does more than simply reshuffle their earlier work in the sphere of choreographic research. In Dandelion, they set out both to explore in depth the affinities between the performance codes of theatre and dance and to transmute their stage experience into a new and personal performance idiom. Combining their individual styles and exchanging materials and experiences, they produce an amalgam of physical virtuosity and meditative poetry. For this production, they are joined by five talented performers whose work strengthens the case for an abstract choreography thick with symbolism.

In an era in which the body is becoming the primary field of negotiation for both concepts and identities, the two artists explore its complex ambiguities. The serried ranks of must-dos and must-haves imposed by our contemporary way of life provides the spark for a reworking of collective memory and personal experience. The ultimate goal? To portray a person torn between the iconic and the real as they are gradually alienated from every aspect of their personal and social life. If every attempt at returning to an “analogue past” seems anachronistic or destined to fail, the body may well be the final link with which we can resignify our relationship with the everyday and with others. The stage operates allusively, both as a mirror held up to society and as a reflection of a primeval world in which collectivity and inter-personal contact are preserved intact.


Concept-Direction: Hannes Langolf, Ermira Goro
Choreography: Hannes Langolf, Ermira Goro & the performers
Set & Costume Design: Christos Delidimos
Music Composition: Coti K.
Lighting Design: Richard Godin
Assistant to the Directors: Dimitris Koutsoubas
Choreography Support: Nikos Kalogerakis
Research support: Juliet Knight, Will Thompson, Charlotte McLean, Amy Bell, Emma Bonnici, Sean Marcs
Research Associate Producer: Lia Prentaki
Performers: Ermira Goro, Hannes Langolf, Dimitra Mertzani, Rafael Pardillo, Antonis Stamopoulos, Alexandros Stavropoulos, Andi Xhuma
Executive Production: Konstantinos Sakkas
Production Management: Delta Pi
Many thanks to: David, Andreas, Kerry, Rike, Ash, Lendschi, Nancy, Bastel, Jess, Evstathia

Strobe lights and smoke will be used during the concert.

Saturday 1 April
A discussion with the choreographers who present their work at the OCC, will follow after the performance Umbilicus.
Chaired by Nina Alcalay, dance theorist
(21:30 | Upper Stage)

After the second performance of 162 dance meetings, a discussion with the choreographer Aria Boubaki will follow.
Chaired by Giorgos Mitropoulos, journalist
(23:10 | Vritou 10 (Vrigou), Neos Kosmos)

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Ermira Goro and Hannes Langolf first met on the DV8 Physical Theatre production To be Straight With You. They subsequently appeared together in Can We Talk About This? (2011–12) and more recently in John (2014–15), in which Langolf took the lead role. John was staged in Athens, at the OCC, as part of a world tour. Ermira Goro worked as an independent choreographer during her time in the US and featured in that role most recently at the 2016 Athens Festival with her work After Party.

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