FFF4 | International Symposium: "On Homelands and the Stateless as the World Tilts Right" / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

FFF4 | International Symposium: "On Homelands and the Stateless as the World Tilts Right"

Fast Forward Festival 4

13-14 MAY 2017

Saturday 13 May | 10:30-19:00
Sunday 14 May | 11:00-18:00
Upper Stage
The symposium will be held in English.
An international symposium co-organized by the Fast Forward Festival and Creative Time (New York) that brings together international and local artists, curators, cultural administrators, and organizers to address the challenges facing artists and activist communities under prevailing economic and political conditions.
Free entrance, on a first come first served basis.
Prebooking: infotickets@sgt.gr & +30 213 017 8036
The distribution of entrance tickets begins one (1) hour before and during the symposium.
Co-organized by The Onassis Cultural Centre and Creative Time (New York), the international symposium, part of the Fast Forward Festival,  "On Homelands and the Stateless as the World Tilts Right" will serve as a discursive platform offering expressions of solidarity, interdependence and resistance in this critical moment.
Taking its cue from the Fast Forward Festival’s thematic interest in transcending borderlines, the symposium brings together seven international and two Greek panels of artists, curators, cultural administrators, and organizers to provide geographically diverse, transdisciplinary, on-the ground accounts of political and aesthetic tactics to effectively mobilize in the face of statelessness, virulent nationalisms, and increasingly precarious livelihoods.
Athens today is witness to two of the world’s most urgent, and lived, issues. The destruction wrought by the Syrian war has caused thousands to flee to Greece’s shores. At the same time, a strict austerity regime and the resurgence of neoliberalism have caused a multifaceted social crisis. Globally, these events have found terrifying handmaidens in the rise of xenophobia, reactive populism, and waning support for internationalism.  At this critical conjuncture, the "On Homelands and the Stateless as the World Tilts Right" symposium will address the challenges facing progressive artists and activist communities under prevailing economic and political conditions.


Curated by:
Katia Arfara, Artist Director of Theatre & Dance, Onassis Cultural Centre
Nato Thompson, Artistic Director, Creative Time

Director of Creative Time Summit: Sally Szwed
Organization: Marina Troupi
Coordination: Teal Baskerville

Creative Time, the New York based public arts non-profit, is committed to working with artists on the dialogues, debates and dreams of our time. Creative Time presents the most innovative art in the public realm, providing new platforms to amplify artists voices, including the Creative Time Summit - an international convening at the intersection of art and social justice.
Since 1974, Creative Time has produced over 350 groundbreaking public art projects that ignite the imagination, explore ideas that shape society, and engage millions of people around the globe. The non-profit that since its inception has been at the forefront of socially engaged public art seeks to convert the power of artists’ ideas into works that inspire and challenge the public. Creative Time projects stimulate dialogue on timely issues, and initiate a dynamic experience between artists, sites, and audiences.
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Welcome and Introductions by Katia Arfara (Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens) and Nato Thompson (Creative Time, New York City, US)

Keynote: “What do we do when resisting is not enough?”
Tania Bruguera (artist)
Panel 1:
“Where is South Africa Now, Now?”
Athi Mongezeleli Joja (Gugulective, Cape Town, South Africa)
Zimasa Mpemnyama (activist and journalist, South Africa)
Ziyana Lategan (researcher and activist, South Africa)

12:45-14:15 Lunch with Options FoodLab
Panel 2:
“How to be as radical as reality itself?”
Defne Ayas & Adam Kleinman (Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Natalia Antonova (author and pundit, Ukraine/Russia/United States)
Antonia Majaca (writer and curator and researcher, Croatia/Germany)

Panel 3:
“How do indigenous symbolic representations help us visualize resistance?”
Miguel A. López (TEOR/éTica, San Jose, Costa Rica)
Gladys Tzul Tzul (Maya K'iche' sociologist and activist, Guatemala)
Benvenuto Chavajay (multimedia artist and indigenous activist, Guatemala)

16:15-16:45 Break
Panel 4:
“How might artists bear witness?”
Radha Mahendru (Khoj International Artists’ Association, New Delhi, India)
Zuleikha Chaudhari (theatre director, India)
Norma Alvares (environmental lawyer, India)
Panel 5:
“How can cultural and social workers address issues of mental and physical repair, trauma, and loss?”
Katia Arfara (Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens)
Nadina Christopoulou (Melissa Network)
Angela Dimitrakaki (University of Edinburgh),
Yunus Muhammadi  (Greek Forum of Refugees)
Philippe Leclerc (UNHCR Representative in Greece)

Introductions by Katia Arfara (Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens) and Nato Thompson (Creative Time, New York City, US)

Keynote: “Can we re-examine art historical legacies and knowledges to respond to current crises?”
Patrick D. Flores (curator of the Vargas Museum, Manila, Philippines)
Panel 6:
“How can we re-imagine labor and life, work and border?”
Brigitta Isabella (KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
Anjeline de Dios (singer and cultural geographer, Philippines)
Tintin Wulia (artist, Australia)

13:00-14:30 Lunch with Options FoodLab

Panel 7:
“Is another commons possible?”
Beth Stryker (Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research, CLUSTER, Cairo, Egypt)
Nida Sinnokrot (artist, Palestine)
Shela Sheikh (researcher, UK)

15:30-16:00 Break

Panel 8:
“What are the opportunities and pitfalls in the complex landscape of social movements in the United States?”
Nato Thompson (Creative Time, New York City, US)
Simone Leigh (artist, US)
Mary Kathryn Nagle (legal activist and playwright , US)

Panel 9:
“Can the imaginary of art articulate a new conception of the Citizen?”
iLiana Fokianaki  (State of Concept Athens, Extra City Kunsthal Antwerp)
Michael Afolayan (ANASA Cultural Center)
Anna Apostolidou & Inaam Alibrahim (Project P.R.E.S.S., Hellenic Open University)
Theo Prodromidis (artist and filmmaker) & Nikos Agapakis (Piraeus Open School of Immigrants)

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