"Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey" by Terrence Malick / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

"Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey" by Terrence Malick

Flix it at the Onassis Cultural Centre #5

10 APR 2017
17:30, 19:30 & 21:30
Upper Stage
90 minutes
Age guidance: 13+ years
Terrence Malick’s ambitious documentary about the creation of the universe comes to the Onassis Cultural Centre in its director’s cut version with narration by Cate Blanchett. Prepare for a unique experience and a cosmogonical journey – in space and within ourselves.
Full price: 7 €
Reduced, OCC's Friends & Small groups (5-9 people): 6 €
People with disabilities - Companions, Unemployed, Large groups (10+ people): 5 €

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Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey is an epic, ambitious, grandiose film. Unique. A first attempt in the genre of documentary and a life’s work for the maître Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life, The Thin Red Line, Badlands) who is rumored to have been working on it since the end of the 1970s. The end product deserved the years of preparation and anticipation: a cinematic panorama of images which record the history of the universe, a documentary that transfers us to the birth of the stars, the eruption and the formation of galaxies and planets, the first forms of life on Earth, the trajectory of humankind en route to the contemporary world and even further. A unique celebration of life and a clearly experiential encounter, since the viewers, as in all Malick’s films, will be skyrocketed to the outer stratosphere, but essentially will be called to discover the answers inside of them.

In the 90 minute-long director’s cut, the warm, intelligent narration by Cate Blanchett will function as our guide. While Malick bombards us with his dazzling images, the allegory is evident: human nature is trapped between its micro-existence and the vastness of the universe. The Big Bang, light, stellar mass, planets, nuclear fission, single-celled organisms, amoebas, reptiles, birds, dinosaurs. The chaotic, but at the same time wise geometry of the world that existed, exists and will exist without us. Beyond us. Above everything we can comprehend. And it is at this point that our misery begins. All the other creatures on our planet have a cycle – they are born, they eat, they multiply, they die. Their only goal: survival. Humans, however, want to live. And this includes the primordial agony to understand their world, their existence, their destiny, their joy and tragedy. And as long as they don’t find meaning on Earth, they turn their look toward the sky. And what a sky, full of mysteries! Malick wants us to exit the movie theater with one question: “What does it mean, after all these centuries, for us to be here today?”

Voyage of Robots:
Before and after the screening, an interactive installation designed to transfer the experience of searching for life on other planets will be waiting for you. Flix, in collaboration with Antonis Kanouras, robotics engineer and founder of Robotixlab, have set up an interactive “terraforming project”, where each viewer could play and experiment with robots, and feel part of the NASA’s space missions.

Window with a view:
Don’t miss the opportunity for a scientific observation of the sun and the moon using telescopes, made possible by the Department of Astronomy and the Observatory of the Ellinogermaniki Agogi Schools.


Direction & Screenplay: Terrence Malick
Director of Photography: Paul Atkins
Editing: Keith Fraase, Rehman Nizar Ali
Narration: Cate Blanchett
Premiere in Greece: 10 April 2017, Onassis Cultural Centre

The film will be introduced by Dr. Emmanouil Apostolakis, Principal of the Lyceum of Ellinogermaniki Agogi

The screening takes place in collaboration with Feelgood, the film distributor of Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey in Greece

With English and Greek subtitles

Organized by: Flix.gr, Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens
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The notoriously idiosyncratic filmmaker approached his producers with the idea of a documentary, without having a script. He simply explained the need to make the film by mustering the following two quotes:
“Is no one inspired by our present picture of the universe? Our poets do not write about it; our artists do not try to portray this remarkable thing. The value of science remains unsung by singers: you are reduced to hearing not a song or poem, but an evening lecture about it. This is not yet a scientific age.”
Richard Feynman

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead — his eyes are closed."
Albert Einstein

Terrence Malick’s scientific team consists of various respected researchers, scientists and professors from universities such as MIT, UC Berkeley, Cambridge and Caltech. However, Dr. Andrew Knoll, professor of Natural History at Harvard University, NASA consultant, and author, served as the official scientific advisor of the film. “My job was to double-check the scientific data, so that everything that Terry narrates is correct. However, what you will see on the screen transcends evidence, facts, statistics and data. It is an ambitious vision, the trace of an intelligent creator and a cinematic philosopher: after this entire journey, where are we? And, believe me, I can answer with great certainty whether the first cells were developed 4 or 3,5 billion years ago. But for the questions that Terry is fundamentally interested in, I have no answers. And that’s what rocked my world about the film”.

“Judging as a scientist, I found everything that is recorded in the film well founded and accurate”, adds Lee Smolin, theoretical physicist of the Perimenter Institute. “As a thinking viewer, though, I was doubly amazed by the juxtaposition of the imagery of the evolvement of the universe and contemporary everyday life. It made me wonder precisely what it is that we understand about the meaning of our life, what it is that we appreciate…”

A source of reference for the final imagery were the paintings of 19th century painter Albert Bierstadt. That is the reason why Malick refers to the documentary as “Bierstadting”. “He wanted us to work with the style of Bierstadt”, remarks Dan Glass, who was the special effects supervisor. “To construct an image consisting of numerous, but visible, levels – very small details such as stardust, floating particles only visible by microscope, whatever would give a feeling a volume to the composition of the image…”

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