FFF4 | Piraeus/Heterochronia / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

FFF4 | Piraeus / Heterochronia

Hikaru Fujii

Fast Forward Festival 4

2-14 MAY 2017

Screening points at the starting points of Piraeus/Heterotopia:
  • Janeiro Cafeteria | Omonia Square | Athens
  • Floating Museum "Hellas Liberty" | Akti Vasiliadi , Silo building | Gate Ε2 | Piraeus
In English with Greek subtitles.
Outside the Onassis Stegi
In conjunction with "Piraeus/Heterotopia", this video work invites the audience for travel, where they can feel all the different time – time of otherness, the audience’s own time and the real time which is passing in reality – crossing together.
Piraeus/Heterochronia is a video work which documented four dialogues with the people those who are living around the clock tower of the Silo, the cereal warehouse at the port of Piraeus.

Piraeus/Heterochronia does not depict the history of Piraeus, but mirrors “ the time of the otherness” (which the word “heterochronia" means) of the interviewees who lives or survives with Piraeus's reality, which is strongly related to its complicated history.
Each interviewee in this video has their own life, background, and time, which is diverse. But to show the same current of the real time, four dialogues took place and are filmed at the same hour on the consecutive days.
The Silo clock, which can be seen from anywhere in Piraeus, play the famous song Children of Piraeus, from the film Never on Sundays at every hour. In fact, the clock is no more accurate at all, as human perception of time is subjective. Then, how can we gaze at “the time of otherness" which has a variable speed, either going faster or slower?

In conjunction of Piraeus/Heterotopia, an interactive theater piece by Akira Takayama, Piraeus/Heterochronia is installed in its two starting points, the Janeiro Cafeteria at Omonia Square in Athens, and the Floating Museum "Hellas Liberty" in the port of Piraeus. This work invites the audience for travel, where they can feel all the different time – time of otherness, the audience’s own time and the real time which is passing in reality – crossing together.

2 May | 19:00 | Janeiro Café (Stadiou & Omonoia Sq.,inside the arcade)
Discussion & presentation on Piraeus/Heterotopia & Piraeus/Heterochronia

Katia Arfara, Dr. in Art History - Theatre specialist, Concept and Artistic direction of the Festival
Akira Takayama, Theater director, Artist and leader of the theatre collective Port B
Hikaru Fujii, Artist and Film director
Pafsanias Karathanasis, Dr. Social Anthropology, University of the Aegean
Eleni Kyramargiou, History, Institute of Historical Research - Νational Hellenic Research Foundation
Athina Stamatopoulou, PhD Candidate, Architect, National Technical University of Athens
Stavros Stavrides, Architect, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens Greece


Director, DOP, Editor: Hikaru Fujii
Curator of the Project: Katia Arfara
Project Coordination: Natsuko Odate
Head of Production: Dimitra Dernikou
Research: Pafsanias Karathanasis, Eleni Kyramargiou
Line Producer: Vassilis Panagiotakopoulos
Production Manager: Chris Hasapakis
Sound Engineer: Alex Sakelariou
1st Camera Assistant: Irini Zevgoli
Key Grip: Kostas Meridis
Gaffer: Spyros Voutsinas
Grip Assistant: Stefanos Georgiakakis
Electrician: Nektarios Voutsinas
Production Assistant: Nikos Drekis

Production: Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens / Fast Forward Festival
Participants (in order of appearance) 
Eleni Kyramargiou: Historian, Institute of Historical Research – Νational, Hellenic Research Foundation
Stavros Kyramargios: Retired private employee, Resident of Drapetsona
Deeya Orfali: Instructor at “Hope School” in Skaramangas Refugee Camp, Refugee from Syria
Zina Hamu: Resident of Athens, Immigrant from Syria
Thomas Siametis: Retired dock worker
Nikos Georgiou: President of the Union of Dock Workers, Piraeus Port Authority
Vangelis Kouzilos: Captain, Floating Museum “Hellas Liberty”
Aggelos Fatouros: Quarter master, Floating Museum “Hellas Liberty”
Special Thanks to: Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Municipality of Piraeus, Municipality of Keratsini-Drapetsona, OLP – Piraeus Port Authority S.A., Vagelis Tsitouras, Supervisor of the Silo clock conservation, Hellas Liberty - Floating Museum of Piraeus and Sami Chamou, NGO Praksis employee

2 - 14 May 2017

Outside the Onassis Stegi
Free admission
Performance Guidelines 
The audience will walk and move outdoors.
We recommend comfortable clothes, hats, and shoes, since the audience’s walk will last approximately three hours. 
To use the application, a smartphone is needed – with a 3G or 4G Internet connection – as well as headphones. For those who do not have one, there will be a limited number of phones at the starting point at Omonia Square.
This event is not appropriate for people with mobility difficulties.

The application “Piraeus / Heterotopia” is still active and available at Google Play Store and App Store. Click on the icons to download the application. Enter the password: stegi


Click here to see the map and here to see the guidebook of the performace.


FFF4 | Piraeus / Heterotopia Akira Takayama

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