Take part in "We Refugees, Α Scenario for a Schizoanalytical Seminar", in the context of Fast Forward Festival 4 / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Take part in "We Refugees, Α Scenario for a Schizoanalytical Seminar", in the context of Fast Forward Festival 4

10 Apr 2017
Take part in the making of a film enacted as a seminar. Α workshop in the context of the 4th Fast Forward Festival, "on the home that everyone sees but no one can yet reach". The participants spend together 5 days in order to produce a testament to the world that's coming into being, with the power of a documentary.
The plot for the film, entitled We Refugees,‎ is minimal:
"Two artists have been asked to organize a seminar relating to the idea of home in the city of Athens circa 2017. Assembling a group of individuals from different backgrounds their seminar delves into the complex relations of home, homelessness and displacement which pervade our time.‎ And what emerges is a film animating and prefiguring some of the vital questions that interrogate life in the 21st century."
Using this scenario, the artists Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri invite a group of participants to share a period of 5 days together to produce a seminar as a film which will be enacted, inhabited, collectively documented, and then shared with a public.
This seminar performed as a film is structured and informed by Felix Guattari's writings on schizoanalysis and Bertolt Brecht's Verfremdungseffekt among others. The basic premise is that by producing a space between an ordinary seminar and ordinary play acting, a very interesting analytic and performative space can be born, one which may be fruitful in creating potent aesthetic, analytic, and political experiences.‎

Workshop | Tuesday 2 - Friday 5 May 2017, 11:00-21:00, Outside the OCC
Discussion & Screenings | Saturday 6 May 2017, 19:00-21:00, Upper Stage
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Email: education@sgt.gr

Addressed to:
Ranging from artists, performers, writers, students, political activists, unemployed, people between jobs refugees, people between places.
We would be interested in making this film with people who have a strong relation to art and politics and what is happening to our worlds, people working on issues of housing, who know the urban space of the city, people working on environmental issues, land, forests, mining, people working in health, self-organized clinics, and also people struggling inside the refugee crisis and refugees who may be interested to pass these days with us.
The main requirement would be a full commitment on those days, as we would be meeting late morning into evening. We don't want to make a film/seminar about, or for, but with and to produce an experience of thinking together and making something together. Thus, we ask for individuals who are interested to take part to just write a short note, expressing your interest, and ideally what draws you to take part and what if anything your are thinking about or working on currently.

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