Project “UNIFORM” by MACHINE-A for the Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Project “UNIFORM” by MACHINE-A for the Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens

“Don’t be shy”: Culture meets fashion

26 Apr 2017
Watch the video and be the first to discover the OCC's project "UNIFORM".
The Onassis Cultural Centre has commissioned Stavros Karelis, Founder and Buying Director of the MACHINE-A store in London and Buying Director of the international acclaimed online platform SHOWstudio to curate the Project “UNIFORM” for designing the new uniforms of the Onassis Cultural Centre’s FoH.

After a great number of brilliant design ideas by some of the most promising and talented emerging designers, Afroditi Panagiotakou, the Associate Director of the OCC together with Stavros Karelis chose DELADA, a British based emerging brand. A brand that represents the ethos and principles that the institution stands for.

For the project “UNIFORM”, renowned fashion brands Raf Simons x Adidas as well as Maison Margiela have provided the shoes for both men and women. In that sense, the project 'UNIFORM' reflects what fashion stands for today, which is the focus on emerging talent with the support and expertise of leading trendsetting designers.
“UNIFORM”: The film
“UNIFORM” project also releases a short fashion film directed by acclaimed Greek photographer Cristos Sarris. Shot in the premises of Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens, Alex Komarovich, face of the DELADA brand, and latest face of the Burberry campaign participates together with renowned up and coming Greek actor Michalis Sarandis and skate talent Mike Vasilakis under the creative direction of Stavros Karelis.

The film champions youth culture and invites to an open dialogue everyone that is not shy, a message that the Associate Director of OCC Afroditi Panagiotakou has long stand for, by challenging and constantly pushing the boundaries between art and society and creating an international community that allows ideas to be exchanged and ultimately inspire the new generation of people. “A catalyst is something which, when added to the mix, speeds up a chemical reaction. When it comes to collaborations, the important catalysts are always people and ideas. The idea here was to add an element to our visual language which would both help communicate our productions and tell a story about who we are and where we fit in in Athens’ urban environment. In this case OCC’s FoH members become the key people to communicate our message and say ‘Don’t be shy’ to anyone who wants to experience and become part of the OCC community.