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Workshop with Dries Verhoeven

Scratching where it hurts

FFF4 | Phobiarama

12 MAY 2017

The workshop will be held in English.
For directors and set designers with an interest in public art and performance
A workshop on art in public space approached through the work of the distinguished director and artist.
Cost: 10 €
Recent years have seen Dries Verhoeven working more frequently in the public domain and participating in public debate on social and political issues. His work has been consistently controversial: The Funeral was criticized by Roman Catholics. In some cities, his Ceci n'est pas... and Fare Thee Well! met with fierce criticism from the local community, while Wanna Play? caused a furore in Berlin. Verhoeven explains that he feels a need to stir things up and pose questions in the public sphere: "We have institutionalized disruption. [...] In Northern Europe, we are forgetting that the public sphere can be a place for disharmony, too, where you can encounter a multitude of voices. Instead, the resistance is generally shifting to the Internet."

In this workshop, Dries Verhoeven will conduct a detailed analysis of his own work and the work of other artists including Christoph Schlingensief and Brett Bailey, as well as the desire to provoke disruption in a civilized way. He looks forward to bouncing ideas around with Greek artists and to a group discussion on how different social meanings ascribed to public space in different parts of Europe could manifest themselves in the art created there.

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Aimed at:
Directors and set designers with an interest in public art and performance
Date & Time:
Friday 12 May, 11:00-14:00
English without interpretation
10 € per participant

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