Reload 2.0: The art of recovery / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Reload 2.0: The art of recovery

Cultural events from Kethea to the OCC

19-22 JUN 2017
Four days of art, hope and genuine communication with the passion for creation of people who changed their lives and move on in their lives.
Free admission with entrance tickets.
The creative groups of KETHEA return to the Onassis Cultural Centre for the second year running.
They invite us to open our eyes and ears and feel the creative passion of those who decided to change their lives.  
The OCC's stages and foyers are ready to overflow with music, theatre, dance, films and visual art. And on this occasion, the arts will be giving a voice to people who quit the darkness of drugs and are struggling for the light.
They aren't alone on their journey, as they will be accompanied along the way by Stathis Drogosis, Kostas Leivadas, Giota Negka, Nikos Touliatos, Encardia, Terra Voce.

Come and join them!


Wednesday 21 June

11:00 | workshop | Youth Theatre Studio

"Following personal paths"
Experiential art therapy workshop for professional therapists

18:30 | Theatre | Upper Stage | 90 minutes
"The Bedbug"

The Culture Club theatre group of KETHEA DIAVASI stages Vladimir Mayakovsky one-act play and takes on the Bedbug, creating art, drawing parallels, expressing themselves and finding ways to escape the things that suffocate them.

Directed by Dimitris Mikios
With: the KETHEA DIAVASI Culture Club theatre group
Translation: Errikos Belies
Music: Stamatis Kraounakis, Lina Nikolakopoulou
21:00 | Theatre | Upper Stage | 90 minutes
"The imaginary invalid"
The Krama theatre group, which formed as part of KETHEA MOSAIC but now charts its own independent course, stages Moliere's final work at the OCC.

KRAMA theatre company
Coaching-Direction: Eleni Zacharopoulou
With: Hassan Safdari, Hossein Amiri, Hosseinzadeh Joposhti Hossein, Lyudmyla Nikolayeva, Nikolay Baev, Rokas Balbieris, Evi Charalambous, Vasiliki Stergiopoulou, Sofia Tzemi
Costumes: Lyudmyla Nikolayeva
Music: Katerina Deligiannidou

21:00 | Concert | Main Stage | 160 minutes
"The colours of life"
Three different groups travel together, searching for roots, sounds and colours in the neighborhoods of the world: Epirus, Thrace, Southern Italy, the Balkans, Brazil, New York...

Kroustodia: an experimental music group from KETHEA PAREMVASI
Terra voce: a 5-piece alternative female polyphonic ensemble
Encardia: a music collective which takes the power of the Italian South as its starting point

Thursday 22 June

19:00 | Discussion | 5th-floor foyer

"Art therapy"
Therapists and artists who have worked with people struggling with addiction seek to pinpoint the mechanisms by which art can set addicts free, as well as the line of demarcation between art and therapy.

Coordinator: Faidonas Kaloterakis, Special Assistant to the Director of KETHEA
Niovi Zarambouka-Chatzimanou:
Visual artist, Museum of People's Free Thought (M.E.S.A.)—Alternative School for Adults at KETHEA EXODOS/EMST
Eirini Tsalera:
Head of education, KETHEA EN DRASEI: "Prisoner-Artist-Political being"—Exhibition staged by KETHEA EN DRASEI at the Athens Festival
Thodoris Galigalidis:
Head of the Ceramics and Glass workshop at KETHEA ITHAKI (ceramicist): The art of ceramics in detoxification: training a group of therapeutic programme members in the Japanese art of RAKU.
Kleio Makri:
Sculptor and art therapist in the Rehabilitation Unit 18 ANO

21:00 | Dance | Main Stage | 160 minutes
"Journey to Greece"
The music and dance groups of the KETHEA DIAVASI Culture Club bring the Greek folk tradition to the OCC with 25 songs, dances and texts.

21:00 | Concert | Upper Stage | 160 minutes
"Musical Alliance"
This year, the program includes Greek and foreign rock from Strofi and other well-known artists, as well as sea sounds and melodies from the Chordes ensemble and percussion group of KETHEA NOSTOS.
With: Stathis Drogosis, Kostas Leivadas, Giota Negka, Nikos Touliatos (Echodrasi group).

21-22 June | Youth Theatre Studio | Free admission

19:00 | "Angel wings" | 30 minutes
Video made by KETHEA EN DRASEI working with Panagiotis Goubouros
Music: K. Bhta

19:30 | "The Centre" | 15 minutes
Prevention Network teenage group (supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports' Department of Modern Culture and Intangible Cultural Heritage)

19:45 | "The Children of Adam" | 15 minutes
Directed by George Vlachonikolos (volunteer, KETHEA MOSAIC), Maria Panagiotidou (training staff, KETHEA MOSAIC)
Screenplay & direction consultants: Markos Gastin, Kostas Spyropoulos
Editing-montage consultant: Ioannis Xirouhakis

The documentary was made in the framework of the Home - New Home seminar.

20:00 | "From a Thorn a Rose" | 60 minutes
Broadcast by ERT, dedicated to KETHEA RELOAD 2.0.

Screenwriting & Script: Nicole Alexandropoulou
Production: Libellula Productions
Presenter: Yorgos Pirpassopoulos

19-22 June | OCC's Foyers

The photography and painting groups of KETHEA PAREMVASI join forces.

Thanasis Spiliopoulos: painter
Manolis Tsafos: photographer
KETHEA PAREMVASI photography group
KETHEA PAREMVASI painting group

"Museum of Fragmented Thoughts"
The ceramic group of  KETHEA DIAVASI stages an installation consisting of ceramic sculptures, drawings, cut-out letters and short videos.

"KETHEA DIAVASI poster exhibition"
The members of the graphic design professional training group of KETHEA DIAVASI present a series of posters they have created since 2000.

"Vocational orientation"
Some people interpret human value in terms of accumulated knowledge, qualifications and material omnipotence. The photography group of KETHEA DIAVASI don't see it like that...

"The Dark Side of the Honeycomb"
Inspired by bee society—its material form, the functionality of honeycomb and the economy and logic that govern it—the group consisting of members of KETHEA NOSTOS  explore the imaginary dimension of habitation and coexistence.

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Entrance is free and on a first come, first served basis.
The distribution of entrance tickets begins one (1) hour before each event.