Georges Aperghis


24-25 NOE  2017
Upper Stage
60 minutes
At the borderline of music and theatre, Georges Aperghis ‘composes’ a whirl that speaks about loneliness: an actress-singer, a video, and quick and unexpected alternations between song, speech, and text.
Full price: 7, 12 €
Reduced, Friend & Groups 5-9 people: 10 €
Groups 10+ people: 9 €
Νeighborhood residents: 7 €
People with disabilities & Unemployed: 5 € | Companions: 10 €

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A woman is sitting at the table surrounded by two screens. Two small cameras depict her figure. Georges Aperghis’ Tourbillons went through different stages before reaching its present form. The starting point was a homonymous composition-performance in 1989. Six pieces bearing the same name were interchanged with texts written by the composer. This was then turned into five pieces under the more general title Calmes Plats (1992). At a later stage, the work consisted of eleven compositions; these were complemented with texts/fragments by Olivier Cadiot, based on the vocal sounds of the music pieces. In 2003, the direction and images were revised within a very short time. Daniel Levy’s video was added, transforming what was initially a rather dark work to a playful, joyful, and bright work.

The text is like a puzzle, composed by the various and different aspects of a person, the numerous thoughts, and self-dispersal. Tourbillons refers to a complex and multifaceted character, revealing a kind of mental multiplicity. It is a story about loneliness.

The work has an unusual form, consisting of quick interchanges between song, speech, and text. An exceedingly demanding work (in terms of skills), Tourbillons is a portrait-performance of an actress-singer that transgresses language.

A small number of phonemes is constantly rearranged, making ‘words’, shapes, and phrases. Is there a meaning? The answer is given by the spectators themselves, through the associations they make and the way they receive, understand, and group what they experience through the senses.


Ιnterpretation: Donatienne Michel-Dansac
Music Composer & Director: Georges Aperghis
Text: Olivier Cadiot
Set and Lighting Design: Daniel Levy
Stage Μanager: Antoine Seigneur-Guerrini
Editor: Durand-Salabert-Eschig
Translation: Louiza Mitsakou
Production: À Vive Allure

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Wednesday 22 November
Workshop with Donatienne Michel-Dansac
Friday 24 November
After performance talk with the participants
Chaired by Christos Carras, General Director and Artistic Director of Music at the OCC

22 Nov 2017

Participation cost: Free admition


Workshop on human voice with Donatienne Michel-Dansac

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