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Discovering the art of sound and image

Through "Interfaces", the international interdisciplinary new music programme


JAN-MAY 2018
Vocational Senior High Schools Students
You might not believe it, you may never have heard of such a thing, but it's true all the same... Within the space of just four months, you can take a dive deep into the world of contemporary art and create contemporary music inspired by a work of art.
Participation cost: Free
Join the conversation between new music and the visual arts along with your class. In association with Athens' National Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki’s State Museum of Contemporary Art, museum educators, artists, musicians and composers, the Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens invites you to join this interdisciplinary programme in order to gain hands-on experience of the visual and audio arts and create something of your own along with your group.

Make the difference, go beyond the curriculum and acquaint yourself with works of contemporary art at first hand. You'll visit the museum twice and attend six sessions with your class. Afterwards, museums and galleries won’t be cold, indifferent places anymore, because you'll have learned how to approach art created in the here and now. Amazing but true!

Your creativity will find itself a brand new outlet, too. Get ready to create your own music on a beatbox and home-made musical instruments, to record music on your mobile phone, to explore the sounds of your body and other handy materials and surfaces, and to use open source sound editing software. And who knows, the things you learn along your musical journey could come in useful in your future career.

And because art's worth sharing, a blog will help bring you closer to other kids your own age who are taking part in the programme in other cities. So seize the day: show your classmates and students at other participating schools what you've done and get ready to bank in the applause.


The programme is led by the musicians: Yannis Kotsonis, Stefanos Konstantinidis, Iakovos Steinhauer and Nassos Sopylis.

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Addressed to:
Vocational Senior High Schools Students

January – May 2018

The course included nine sessions in all. The sessions will be held once every two weeks and last three (3) hours each. Two of the meetings will take place at the relevant museum, six in class at your school, and the final meeting (at which the fruits of the programme will be showcased) will be staged at the OCC or the museum.
In the gaps between sessions, the course leaders consider it important that educators across the curriculum revisit and elaborate the material and concepts introduced on the course.

Participation cost:

Application and selection procedure:
Applications should be submitted to by 31 October 2017. The responses will be sent out by 20 November 2017.

Reservation and more info:
T: 213 017 8002

The workshop is part of the international, interdisciplinary Interfaces programme which was inspired by the "Creative Workshops" (Ateliers de la création) that have been staged in France since 2010 in dozens of vocational high schools and colleges on the initiative of the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM) and the Pompidou Centre (Musée National d'Art Moderne).

Interfaces is an innovative programme that sets out to introduce a wide range of new audiences to new music. An OCC initiative supported by the "Creative Europe programme", Interfaces brings together nine partners from eight European countries with a view to developing an audience for contemporary music in Europe.

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