Onassis Youth Festival 2018 / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Onassis Youth Festival 2018

The festival for the most dynamic generation: teenagers. We give a voice to those who are already our future today.

Festival | 13-15 APR 2018
Workshops | OCT 2017 – APR 2018
Upper Stage
Imagine Antigone as a teenager quarrelling with her family, Oedipus falling in love with his teacher, Helen of Troy suing for divorce, or Prometheus Bound punished for doing what he thought was right...
Free admission
Do revolution, romance, hate, arguments, war or injustice ever get old? The festival for our most dynamic age-group, teenagers, breathes new life into ancient texts by inviting star directors and theatre companies to work with secondary-school children aged 12–18. Get over your fear of ancient drama and own the texts. Find your voice in the classics and tell the world how you feel just as loudly as you want. That's why we're staging the Onassis Youth Festival 2018—so you can find, unlock, share and release your potential and your emotions onstage.


Coordination & Artistic Supervisor: Myrto Lavda
Set Curation: Vassilis Gerodimos
Assistant Set Curation: Marileni Vourtsi
Light Design: Nikos Vlassopoulos
Colaboration: Aris Laskos & Anastasia Giannaki, Katia Goulioni & Angelos Frantzis, Ntouth Theatre company (Vassia Atarian & Mirto Makridi), Anneta Stefanopoulou & Christina Stouraiti, 4Frontal (Thanasis Zeritis & Aristea Stafylaraki), Cheek-Bones (Stefanos Achilleos & Angelika Stavropoulou), Vicky Georgiadou & Foivos Symeonidis, Rinio Kyriazi & Giouli Karnahoriti, Thanassis Dovris & Maria Parasyri

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Reservation and more info:
T: 213 017 8002
Email: education@sgt.gr

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