New music from degraded media

26-28 JAN 2018
Exhibition Hall & Upper Stage
Tape recorders, record players, gramophones, cd players and Walkmen all brought back to life. Obsolete technologies become both the stimulus and the means for surprising sonic experiments, compositions, concerts, installations and discussions.
New music from degraded media and obsolete technologies. Tape recorders, turntables, gramophones, cd players, walkmans become the ground for intense sonic experimentation. A liminal glance at sound art and electroacoustic composition, through concerts, installations and discussions that explore the unexpected sonic possibilities of failing apparatuses and our timeless relationship with ephemeral sound recording and reproduction media.


Curated by: Giannis Kotsonis
Organized by: Pasqua Vorgia
With: Giovanni Lami, Stephen Cornford, Sandra Boss, Graham Lambkin, Marc Baron, Robert Millis, Olivia Block ao.

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