Shadow Libraries: UbuWeb in Athens / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Shadow Libraries: UbuWeb in Athens

16-18 MAR 2018
Inside & Outside the OCC
What is UbuWeb? Is an archive capable to propose a different sort of art history? 3 days of talks and workshops in order to explore this and other shadow libraries.
UbuWeb, a web-based educational archive founded by Kenneth Goldsmith in 1996, proposes a different sort of art history. It provides free and unrestricted access to a remarkable, idiosyncratic collection of film and video art, critical documents and essays, sound poetry and art recordings, among many other unclassifiable strands of the avant-garde.

Through talks and workshops Ubuweb in Athens proposes to explore the uses of the archive in regards to artistic production and examine Ubuweb and other shadow libraries through the lens of its users and makers.


Curated by: Ilan Manouach, Kenneth Goldsmith
Organized by: Pasqua Vorgia

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