"Tinos World Music Festival": Pre-festival concert at the OCC / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

"Tinos World Music Festival": Pre-festival concert at the OCC

24 MAY 2018
Upper Stage
One day before the beginning of the Festival on Tinos island, get a taste at the Upper Stage of the OCC.
OCC Friends presale: from 25 APR 2018, 12:00
General presale: from 2 MAY 2018, 12:00
Full price: 7, 15 €
Reduced, Friend & Groups 5-9 people: 12 €
Groups 10+ people: 11 €
Νeighbourhood residents: 7 €
People with disabilities & Unemployed: 5 € | Companions: 10 €

Group ticket reservations at groupsales@sgt.gr
One day before the festival opens, the Upper Stage of the OCC will host a pre-festival concert with melodies and tunes from Crete, Constantinople, the Aegean and Asia Minor.

The 6th Tinos World Music Festival organized by the Cultural Foundation of Tinos in collaboration with the OCC, held like every year during the three days of the Holy Spirit holiday (Whit Monday) in Chora of Tinos. Is dedicated to the bow of the lyre and the violin. The two bowed instruments, which are an inextricable part of Greek musical tradition, and play a major role in joy, feasts, fairs but also in dirges, will take us this year from Pontus and the Black Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean and Crete.

Part A
i. The lyre in the music of Constantinople and Asia Minor
Stratis Psadarellis: lyre
Martha Mavroidi: lavta (Constantinople lute)
ii. …all over Crete
Yorgos Skordalos: lyre, singing
Yorgos Manolakis: lute, singing
Yannis Papatzanis: percussion, singing
Part B
From Asia Minor to the Aegean
Stathis Koukoularis: violin
Martha Mavroidi: lavta (Constantinople lute), singing
Maria Ploumi: lute
Spyros Balios: lute


Artistic Director of the Festival: Martha Mavroidi

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Stratis Psadarellis, considered one of the most influential lyre players of his generation, with a résumé full of important international collaborations, presents instrumental compositions from the folk and art/canonic musical tradition of Constantinople and Asia Minor, accompanied by Martha Mavroidi in lavta.

Three Cretan musicians, Yorgos Skordalos, Yorgos Manolakis and Yannis Papatzanis, expert lyre, lute and percussion players respectively, will take us on a tour of Crete. All of them were introduced to Cretan music and tradition early in life and have since followed this path with respect and consistency. This time they will perform not only tunes and songs from the distant past but also their own, new compositions. 

Stathis Koukoularis, one of the greatest violinists of traditional island music, is a faithful depositary and expert in the authentic musical tradition of the Aegean. He comes from the island of Naxos (Kinidaros) and has recorded more than 4000 tracks. His reputation has crossed the boundaries of Europe and reached America and Australia. He will present a tribute to the musical tradition of the Aegean and Asia Minor through instrumental tunes and songs from the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, North and East Aegean and the coast of Asia Minor. Through songs and dance tunes in different adaptations depending on the island, the Aegean emerges as a cohesive cultural space with inexhaustible musical wealth, and with local traditions that interact not merely with each other but with the rich tradition of Asia Minor as well.

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