Tuned City

Ancient Messene


1-3 JUN 2018
We usually look at a space in order to make sense of it. How would it be though, if we were to listen to it? Ancient Messene is transformed into an endless soundscape and is reintroduced to the public.
Entrance is free.
The OCC covers the cost of admission to the archaeological site.
Prebooking: info@interfacesnetwork.eu

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Listening to the voice.
Listening to the stones and the city.
Listening to history and the mythology.
Listening to the environment.
Listening to each other.
Do we all hear the same when we are listening?

Tuned City is researching the relation between sound and space and presents artistic work and theoretical positions derived from critical preoccupations with sound in the context of urban and architectonic situations with particular emphasis on original approaches to the role of ’sound’ and ‘listening’. 

Tuned City’s previous milestones Berlin 2008, Tallinn 2011, and Brussels 2013 used to take place in central European metropolises. This year, Tuned City occurs in Ancient Messene and seeks out the exemplary ‘ideal city’, the ancient Greek polis.

The archaeological site and active excavation, with all its layers of history, is the ideal place to reflect on the ‘city as a construct’ and to explore the sensual aspects of space as well as the social and political dimensions of the city. Underneath the well preserved city structure of the ancient place it becomes very clear that it was Hippodamus greatest achievement: recognizing that urban planning was about more than engineering a functional city. It was about creating an environment that expressed and nurtured the ideals of its citizens.

What do we project on a site like this? How do we trace and preserve history and how does this shape contemporary and future culture identities? What lies underneath and in-between the monumentalised obvious findings? How can we decode sedimented memories? What is the difference between local and distant, past and present modes of memory? How can we access or activate different modes of perception?

Tuned City is going to listen underneath the surface and in between the obvious findings. Ancient Messene will be transformed in to a vast platform for artistic production and presentation, discussion and intermediation of sound art and music in public spaces through a variety of formats in a direct interrelation with the local context and a vital exchange with a local and international audience.

The program of this edition of Tuned City is organized as one constant stream of talks, performances and presentations. There are no parallel events unless overlaps are part of the intended dramaturgy. Nevertheless, some events might happen unannounced or even unnoticed – pay attention! Various installations are running permanently for the whole 3-day event. Some of them will have performative activations or link with presentation moments in to the program. The Acts of Listening group will circle around Tuned City like a satellite, injecting, adding, commenting, extending, blurring, questioning and challenging the proceedings.

Each day of the proceedings will be focused on a central theme: Listening Politics, Media Matter, Spectral Ambience
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Curated by: Carsten Stabenow
Co-curated by: Manolis Manousakis
Production Manager: Chara Mourla
Line Production: Vassilis Panagiotakopoulos, Irilena Tsami
Assistants to the Line Production: Nikitas Vassilakis, Kostis Levantis, Iro Akrivou (Mario de Vega’s project)
Technical Support Team: Lefteris Karabilas (Theatre Technical Director), Rebecca Stamos (Administrative Assistant to Technical Director), Giannis Dovas (Stage Manager), Themos Svoronos (Theatre Electrician), Thodoris Tsachalos (Sound Technician), Giannis Gliatis (Sound Technician), Stratos Toganidis (Projection Technician), Panagiotis Koutsoumanis (Assistant Stage Engineer), Antonis Tamvakas (Assistant Stage Engineer), Kiriakos Xanthopoulos (Assistant Theatre Electrician), Alekos Tzovaras (Assistant Sound Technician), Ihor Davyda (General Duties), Vladimir Iachimenco (General Duties)

The activity is organised by Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens in the framework of the INTERFACES project supported by the "Creative Europe Programme" of the European Union.

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