5th Young Choreographers Festival / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

5th Young Choreographers Festival

28-29 APR 2018
Multiple stages & Outside the OCC
As eclectic, contemporary and daring as the new generation of artists, the festival captures the present in its own terms.
Fifth Young Choreographers Festival: New Directions, New Arrivals.

Apart from being consistently focused on the work of up-and-coming choreographers, this year OCC attempts to open to the public various spaces of the building, on and off stage. Our aim is to always bring out the particularities of the Greek choreographic scene, as well as the artists’ thoughts and reflections on our times. Just like this young generation of choreographers, the Festival depicts the present on its own terms.


Concept and Artistic Direction of the festival: Katia Arfara
Production Manager: Dimitra Dernikou

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