Fast Forward Festival 5 / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Fast Forward Festival 5

2-16 MAY 2018
Can Archaeology help us deal with the identity crises of our contemporary world? The 5th Fast Forward Festival sets out in search of temporal rifts in the liminal zones between myth and testimony, experience and imagination.
Can art help bring secrets still hidden in the earth to the surface? Can we redefine our national identity through a critical approach to the fragments of our past? Is there such a thing as a socially-engaged archaeology? Can we envision the future of a city through the prism of alternative interpretations of its monuments, contemporary and ancient? The 5th Fast Forward Festival focuses on Archaeology as a discipline which engages not with continuation and immobility but with rifts, discontinuities and transformations on the boundary between scientific method and fiction. Bringing together art and science, it sets out to propose a non-linear approach to history through the multiple temporalities of the material. Artists working in Greece and internationally will explore the defining role Archaeology plays in forming national narratives and collective memory along with its dialectical relationship with cultural heritage.


Concept and Founding Artistic Director of the Festival: Katia Arfara
Production Manager: Dimitra Dernikou

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