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Enter Afrofuturism

7-8 NOV 2017

Goethe-Institut, 14-16 Omirou str.
"See" black music at the Goethe Institut, from the OCC. Screenings of films about jazz, Detroit techno and music production in Africa's metropolises.
Entrance to the event is free and on a first come, first served basis.
"Enter Afrofuturism" is a 6-day festival that maps Afrofuturism as a cultural and political movement through concerts, talks, workshops and film screenings.

In association with the Goethe Institut Athens and Johannesburg, short films, documentaries and virtual reality films will be screened which explore Afrofuturism through the history of black music. Jazz, Detroit techno and the contemporary music produced in Africa's metropolises are some of the featured subjects.

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TUESDAY 7 NOVEMBER | 19:00 – 23:00
19:00 | Opening talk: Voltnoi & Quetempo
19:30 | Lecture: Nathalie Mba Bikoro "On The Ruins Of Paradise; Transmissions of Legacies of Resistance"
20:00 | The Last Angel of History by John Akomfrah (UK, 1997, 45 minutes / color / short)
21:00 | Cry of Jazz by Edward Bland (USA, 1959, 34 min / B&W / short)
21:45 | The United States Of Hoodoo by Oliver Hardt (Germany, 2012, 100min / color / documentary)

WEDNESDAY 8 NOVEMBER | 19:00 – 23:00

19:00 | Negus by Simone Bertuzzi, Simone Trabucchi (Italy, 2016, 70 min / color / documentary)
20:15 | We the Ragamuffin by Julian Henriques (UK,1992, 26 min / color / Short Film)
21:00 | Afripedia, 2015, 5 episodes (28 min each / color / documentary)
21:30 - South Africa |  22:00 - Kenya | 22:30 - Angola | 23:00 - Senegal | 23:30 - Ghana 

VR Screenings
Tuesday 7 November from 20:00 & Wednesday 8 November  from 19:00

«New Dimensions – Virtual Reality Africa»
Four VR Productions from Kenya, Senegal and Ghana.
The films will be shown on VR headsets in the order the viewer chooses.
To book a place, send an e-mail to sofia.michailidou@athen.goethe.org from October 30 on, marking the subject line "vr new dimensions".

Let This Be A Warning by Jim Chuchu (Kenya, 2017, “The Nest Collective”)
The Other Dakar by Selly Raby Kane (Senegal, 2017)
Nairobi Berries by Ng’endo Mukii (Kenya, 2017)
Spirit Robot by Jonathan Dotse (Ghana, 2017)


Curated by: Voltnoi & Quetempo

Organized by: Pasqua Vorgia, Chara Mourla
Screenings organized by: Goethe-Institut Athen

The series of screenings is staged in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Athen and the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg.
VR Screenings Powered by: Cosmote

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20:00 | The Last Angel of History by John Akomfrah (UK, 1997, 45 minutes / color / short)
Framed by the fictional story of the "data thief", this hybrid documentary takes a look at the origins, impact and significance of Afrofuturism and techno music for the black diaspora.
Included are interviews with black cultural figures, from musicians DJ Spooky, Goldie, and Derek May, who discuss the importance of George Clinton to their own music, to George Clinton himself. Astronaut Dr. Bernard A. Harris Jr. describes his experiences as one of the first African-Americans in space, while Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols tells of her campaign for a greater role for African-Americans in NASA. Novelist Ismael Reed and cultural critics Greg Tate and Kodwo Eshun tease out the parallels between black life and science fiction, while Delaney and Butler discuss the motivations behind their choice of the genre to express ideas about the black experience.

21:00 | Cry of Jazz by Edward Bland (USA, 1959, 34 min / B&W / short)
The Cry of Jazz is a 1959 documentary film by Ed Bland that connects jazz to African American history. It uses footage of Chicago's black neighborhoods and performances by Sun Ra, John Gilmore, and Julian Priester interspersed with scenes of musicians and intellectuals, both black and white, conversing at a jazz club. It has been credited with predicting the urban riots of the 1960s and 70s, and has also been called the first Hip-Hop film.

21:45 | The United States Of Hoodoo by Oliver Hardt (Germany, 2012, 100min / color / documentary)
The United States of Hoodoo is a film about how African based spirituality has influenced America´s popular culture. The old African gods have taken on new forms since their arrival on North America's shores. Their spirit now manifests itself in turn-table wizardry, improvisational skills and mind-blowing collages, rituals and performances. The film shakes up traditional and stereotypical ways of thinking about race, religion, rationality. Through meetings with musicians, writers and artists, miracle healers, gumbo cooks and Mississippi Blues men, this documentary explores a culture which has always drawn on a unique mix of different ethnic influences to produce its cultural diversity, allure, and vitality.

from 20:00 | "New Dimensions – Virtual Reality Africa"
Four VR Productions from Kenya, Senegal and Ghana
Produced by: Goethe-Institut Johannesburg & Electric South (NPO Cape Town)

Let This Be A Warning by Jim Chuchu (Kenya 2017, “The Nest Collective”)
If black worlds exist(ed), would you be welcome in them? The Nest Collective's first entry into virtual reality—presented by Electric South and the Goethe Institut as part of the New Dimensions project—Let This Be A Warning explores a future in which a group of Africans have left Earth to create a colony on a distant planet. They respond with disquet to the arrival of an uninvited guest.

The Other Dakar by Selly Raby Kane (Kenya, 2017)
A little girl receives a message and discovers the hidden face of Dakar. An homage to Senegalese mythology and a stunning visual debut from Dakar-based artist and designer, Selly Raby Kane, this magical 360° film transports viewers to a place where past and future meet and where artists are the beating heart of the city.

Nairobi Berries by Ng’endo Mukii (Kenya, 2017)
Two women and a man wrangle. Each must hollow out the other's core for fruits promised but only ever borne in dreams. A poetic symphony on Nairobi.

Spirit Robot by Jonathan Dotse (Kenya, 2017)
VR documentary which explores the Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra.


19:00 | Negus by Simone Bertuzzi (Simone Trabucchi, Italy, 2016, 70 min / color / documentary / Starring Lee “Scratch” Perry)
The legendary Jamaican-born dub and regga master Rasta Lee “Scratch” Perry, the spiritual MC of the film, invokes Haile Selassie in a fiery re-enactment of an historical event from the Italian Fascist period when an effigy of the last Negus of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie I, was burned in the main square of the filmmaker’s hometown, Vernasca, a village located between Milano and Bologna. At the same time, Hailé Selassié I was becoming the Black Messiah for Rastafarianism, a movement born in Jamaica during the 30s and spread all over the planet, including Ethiopia, considered the Mother Land by Rasta followers.

20:15 | We the Ragamuffin by Julian Henriques (UK,1992, 26 min / color / Short Film)
Filled with undeniable style, the vibrations of local sound systems and rhythmic Jamaican patois, Julian Henriques' urban odyssey is an energetic declaration of British Caribbean Dancehall culture, shot on location on the North Peckham Estate. The cast of local artists glide between realism and whimsy using improvised dialogue and musical performance, with the titular Ragamuffins using musical innovation to sidestep the negative aspects of urban life.

21:00 | Afripedia, 2015, 5 episodes (28 min each / color / documentary)
Afripedia is a new five-part  documentary series about the generation of rising African creative talents that are challenging all preconceptions and stereotypes.
Stocktown Films presents an interlinked visual mixtape of today’s most interesting emerging visual artists, filmmakers, fashion designers, musicians, photographers and cultural activists from Africa’s biggest metropolises. Compelling, intimate stories, told by African visionary artists who are pushing the boundaries of creative self-expression. Welcome to creativity, welcome to Afripedia.

South Africa - Ep 1
Twenty years after liberation, ‘Afripedia, South Africa’ portrays a diverse new generation that is helping redefine the legacy of the post-apartheid Rainbow Nation. Starting out in in Cape Town we meet up with the video game label 2bop and the inventor of the new limpop music genre, Gazelle. Continuing on to Johannesburg we join heavy metal band Ree-burth for a block party and take a tour around Soweto with the local style setters Smarteez and their colorful street savvy fashion.

Kenya - Ep 2
Through the stories of its key talents, ‘Afripedia, Kenya’ takes an intimate look at Nairobi’s urban culture scene and its leading personalities and stars. Meet 3D-artist Andrew Kaggia, creator of the 3D-animated political short film, taking you to his futuristic vision of Nairobi and proving that disability is never inability. Afro-futuristic pop band and DIY-enthusiasts Just a Band redefine music videos and visual artist Cyrus turns found garbage into highly sought after artworks with a sens of humorintroduces us to with his remarkable collection of “Boobs”.foundscrap metal turned into created solely with found materials.

Angola - Ep 3
Welcome to Angola, home of heavy electro music known as kuduro. Follow us across the pulsating city of Luanda as we delve into the kuduro evolution and meet the people charting its course. ‘Afripedia, Angola’ portrays a city bursting of creativity and discovers the capital from an alternative viewpoint. Get swept away by a line-up of emerging talents such as transexual superstar Titica, wordsmith genius artist Nástio Mosquito , producer MC Sacerdotal and more.
Senegal - Ep 4
Dakar has quickly become one of the most buzzing cities on the continent, infused by a new sense of creativity that cross-pollinates influences across genres and cultures. In ‘Afripedia, Senegal’ we meet fashion designer Selly Raby Kane, who sculpts the digital  image of a future alien city in an old railway station. Photographer Omar Victor Diop playfully reimagines Hollywood’s most iconic images with a Senegalese twist, while dancer Khoudia Roodia  is organising and building for a future where Africa dominates street dance.Beatmaker Fanny  from Ivory Coast defying society’s boundaries to create a future for female artists and organizers.

Ghana - Ep 5
The whispers among connoisseurs talk about Accra as the next big hotspot for African cultural production and ‘Afripedia, Ghana’ suggest they’re not wrong. Meet outspoken and androgynous music star Wiyaala, exciting trick bikers Bikelorndz whose BMX skills and flamboyant style have taken neighborhoods by storm. Artist Serge Attukwei Clotted highlights environmental issues through street performances as his alter ego, Afrogallonism, the modern water warrior.

from 19:00 | "New Dimensions – Virtual Reality Africa"
Four VR Productions from Kenya, Senegal and Ghana
Produced by: Goethe-Institut Johannesburg & Electric South (NPO Cape Town)
Let This Be A Warning by Jim Chuchu (Kenya 2017, “The Nest Collective”)
The Other Dakar by Selly Raby Kane (Kenya, 2017)
Nairobi Berries by Ng’endo Mukii (Kenya, 2017)
Spirit Robot by Jonathan Dotse (Kenya, 2017)
Read about the films above in the programme for Tuesday 7 November.

9 - 12 Nov 2017

Inside & Outside the Onassis Stegi
See below the ticket prices for each event.


Enter Afrofuturism | Live & DJ sets

9 Nov 2017

20:30 Main Stage
Full price: 7, 10, 12, 18, 25 €
Reduced, Friend & Small groups (5-9 people): 8, 10, 14, 20 €
Large groups (10+ people): 7, 9, 13, 18 €  
Νeighborhood residents: 7 €
People with disabilities & Unemployed: 5 € | Companions: 10 €

Group ticket reservations at groupsales@sgt.gr


Sun Ra Arkestra Afrofuturism

10 - 12 Nov 2017

Outside the Onassis Stegi
The entrance is free and on a first come, first served basis.
The distribution of entrance tickets begins one (1) hour before each event.


Enter Afrofuturism | Talks & Workshop

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