A trip through the world of VR / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

A trip through the world of VR

Flix it at the OCC #2

18-19 NOE 2017

VR Screenings-Discussion-Workshop

Are screened without Greek subtitles.
Are suitable for viewers aged 12+.

Ιs aimed at participants aged 8–16.
Upper Stage
"Flix it at the OCC" is organizing a virtual reality weekend for young and old alike spotlighting the newest and most handsome products of the marriage of contemporary technology and art. Don't miss out on your virtual journey: book your place and your headset in good time!
VR Screenings
Full price: 5 €
Reduced, Friends, Unemployed, People with disabilities & Companions: 4 €

Entrance is free on a strictly first-come-first-served basis.
Numbered admission tickets will be available from one hour before the start.

Participation Cost: Free
If the cinema is the parallel reality we like to escape into for a few hours at a time, VR cinema is the more spectacular visual reality that invites us to wander through it.

For two days, "Flix it at the OCC" will be continuously screening virtual reality cinema programmes. The screenings will be accompanied by: a discussion, open to all, on the theoretical and practical relationship between VR technology and the cinema, and the "Make your own VR headset" workshop for children and teenagers.


VR Screenings
Saturday 18 November  | Screening times: 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00
Sunday 19 November  | Screening times: 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 16:00, 17:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00

Virtual reality films are the next big thing in the cinematic experience and celebrated directors from Alejandro Inarritu to Tsai Ming-liang are now working on VR projects of their own as they seek to broaden the horizons of their artistic inspiration. VR has more to offer than 3D: because it surrounds the audience and makes them an integral part of an all-enveloping 360o world, VR allows the viewer to 'explore' it with their eyes.

The two programmes, A and B, will be shown in parallel in each time slot.
The films will be shown on individual headsets with facilities for 10 viewers at a time.
Viewers need to book the programme and time slot of their choice.
Programme A: Miyubi by Felix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphael, duration: 40’
Programme B: Kinoscope by Clément Léotard & Philippe A. Collin, Dolphin Man by Benoît Lichté, I Philip by Pierre Zandrowicz, and Planet by Momoko Seto. Total duration: 32’

Discussion | Virtual Reality and Cinema: Can the two become one?
Sunday 19 November | Upper Stage | 18:00–19:00
Entrance is free on a strictly first-come-first-served basis.
Numbered admission tickets will be available from one hour before the start.
Dr Nefeli Dimitriadis | Lecture title: "Cinematic narrative in virtual reality applications"
Greek Open University tutor (postgraduate course in Graphic Arts & Multimedia) / Instructor at the Athens School of Fine Arts (Joint Greek/French postgraduate "Art and Virtual Reality" program) / CEO of NOUS Virtual Reality Productions
Giorgos Frentzos
Cinematographer / Member of the Greek Society of Cinematographers / Member of the European Film Academy / Member of the Hellenic Film Academy

Workshop | "Make your own VR headset" 
Sunday 19 November | 5th-floor foyer | 12:00–14:00
For participants aged 8–16.
The workshop is free. Reservations should be emailed to infotickets@sgt.gr and include the full name of the participant, their age, and a contact number.


Organized by: Flix.gr, Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens
Technical and scientific oversight: Nous
Powered by: Cosmote

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Programme A:
Miyubi by Felix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphael
2017 / comedy / USA / Duration: 40΄
With: Jeff Goldblum, Emily Bergl, Richard Riehle, Owen Vaccaro, Ted Sutherland, Tatum Kensington Bailey, Lindsay Arnold, Noah Crawford, P.J. Byrne
 Miyubi is a 40-minute virtual reality comedy. Its protagonist is a Japanese toy robot (embodied by you, the viewer) which is given to a little boy as a birthday present. The place is an American suburb, the time 1982. In the year that follows, as tensions within the boy's family increase, you (the viewer, Miyubi) experience love along with an inevitable degree of obsolescence in an interactive story which manages to be as hilarious as it is touching and adorable. A virtual reality experience from Felix & Paul Studios in association with Funny or Die.
Watch the trailer here
Programme B:
Kinoscope by Clément Léotard & Philippe A. Collin
2017 / animation, documentary / France / duration: 9΄30΄΄
 Kinoscope is a virtual reality experience which immerses the viewer in a vibrant, multi-coloured world where, guided by the voice of the legendary Dean Tavoularis, the production designer for countless films from the Godfather trilogy to Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now and Arthur Penn's Bonny and Clyde, they discover the history of cinema. A virtual reality journey through cinema itself.
Watch the trailer here
Dolphin Man 360 by Benoît Lichté
2016 / adventure / France / Duration: 4΄
 Dolphin Man 360 is a series of three short films shot in 360° video in parallel with Lefteris Chatiros's documentary Dolphin Man about the free diver, Jacques Mayol. The films focus on three subjects: apnea in free diving, the study of the ocean, and the importance of yoga breathing in free diving. Our guides in the films are the three divers: William Trubridge, one of the most celebrated free divers in the world; Fabrice Schnōller, world-record-holder and oceanographic researcher; and Sara Campbell, yoga teacher and world record holder. Inspired by the vision of Jacques Mayol, a free diving pioneer who made history with his highly personal, ground-breaking approach to the ocean depths, the films invite us on a journey of the senses into our planet's breathtakingly beautiful oceans to explore what happens to the human body and the human mind in the grand bleu, and to rediscover our relationship with the sea.
I Philip by Pierre Zandrowicz
2016 / science fiction / France / Duration: 12΄
Early in 2005, an American robotics researcher, David Hanson, developed the first android. Called Phil, the android was simply a 'copy' of the cult sci-fi writer, Philip K. Dick. Within a few weeks, Phil had become an Internet sensation. Presented at various international conferences, he was also 'famous' among the author's fans. Late in 2005, the android's head disappeared during a flight from Dallas to Las Vegas. The film seeks to interpret Phil's life through the android's own memories and those of the author he was based on.
Watch the trailer here
Planet by Momoko Seto
2017 / experimental / France / Duration: 6΄
In a world destroyed, only fungi and lichen grow on giant, desiccated insect corpses. When the weather changes, the rain first moistens, then slowly floods, the arid planet. The water brings a new ecosystem into being consisting of giant, carnivorous tadpoles.
Watch the trailer here

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