Control Center

Science fiction as an instrument for the alteration of consciousness

Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown
Parallel Events - Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown

15-16 DEC 2017

IFAC Athina
(11 Galaxia St., Neos Kosmos
-behind the OCC building)
This "Control Center" is like no other. A unique two-day long audiovisual performance, consisting of four original pieces by the artists Stathis Tsemberlidis, Panos Alexiadis and Stathis Crisidis.
Free admission, on a strictly first come first served basis due to limited capacity (50 persons).
The distribution of entrance tickets begins one (1) hour before the event.

Please be aware that the event may not be suitable for individuals who are prone to epileptic seizures.
Based on the techniques of Live Cinema, artists Stathis Tsemberlidis, Panos Alexiadis and Stathis Crisidis create a ‘Control Center’ through which they compose a unique two-day long audiovisual performance, consisting of four original pieces.

Live Cinema is a relatively recent technique that became possible thanks to the new digital technologies, with references ranging from futurism, Bauhaus, and De Stijl to fluxus, musique concrete, as well as contemporary electronic music. Combining techniques for the production of moving image (taking place in the absence of the spectator) with broadcasting techniques which take place in the presence of the spectator, the result is cinematic storytelling in real time. However, as the spectator is introduced to the control center of the performance, it is not only the storytelling mechanism that is revealed, but also its way of operation. For the performance ‘Control Center’, the three performers combine UltraHD panoramic projections, high-definition 4K micro-cameras, architectural models, video projection mapping, game-engine programming, analog synthesizers and quadraphonic surround sound.

It is worth noting that major influences constitute the 1970s and 1980s European comic (Moebius, Druillet, Caza), the Russian animation avant-garde (Anatoliy Petrov, Vladimir Tarassov), the utopian literature and the science fiction of Philip K. Dick (VALIS, A Scanner Darkly) and Stanisław Lem (Cyberiad, Solaris).

The following four thematic sections will be presented:

Friday 15 December | 21:00
Eschaton– an investigation at the boundaries of space and time
Prismatik Man– cyberpunk biotechnology and collective intelligence

Saturday 16 December | 21:00
MOA192B– dimensional transitions of consciousness to a desolate planet
Unknown Light– Artificial Intelligence discovers Artificial Faith


Stathis Crisidis: Artistic Creation & Audiovisual Programming
Stathis Tsemberlidis: Artistic Creation
Panos Alexiadis: Artistic Creation & Sound Synthesis
Laertis Liagkos: Technical Support

Organized by: Pasqua Vorgia

We would like to thank the following people for their help and valuable advice: Michalis Kloukinas (Director of photography), Anastasia Parava (for the hospitality at ParaMana Puppet Theatre's studio), George Karvelas (Architect), Theodoros Potiris (AirBots Advanced Intelligent Robotics, scientific consultant), Jola, Viktor Gogas, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Konstantinos Stergiou, Lando, Eleni Papaderaki, Fivos Papadopoulos, Marili Redl, Nikolaos Ntorovas, Petros Chytiris, Ioannis Malatantis, Thomas Kolokythas, Tasos Langis, Grigoris Stasinopoulos

Supported by the International Fine Arts Consortium Athina

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Panos Alexiadis is a sound artist and musician, exploring the boundaries between composition and improvisation in contemporary electronic and electroacoustic music. He has participated in over 40 albums with various projects and has given many concerts in Greece and Europe. Lately he has been exploring a more introvert sound environment, using a modular synthesizer as the primary means of expression, in combination with natural sounds, magnetic tape and ambience. In April 2017, as part of documenta 14, he performed his own composition live at Megaron (The Athens Concert Hall) using a rare EMS Synthi 100, whereas in July 2017 he presented his first multichannel sound installation at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.
Stathis Tsemberlidis shares his time living and working between Athens and Copenhagen. Since 2003 he has been publishing comic stories, producing animated short films and co-editing the science fiction anthology Decadence.  He has participated in several comics festivals such as ‘Comics Art Brooklyn Festival’ (NYC), ‘Tokyo Art Book Fair’ (Japan) και ‘Angouleme International Comic Festival’ (France). He has participated in group and individual exhibitions in England (‘Publish and be damned, ICA’), Estonia (‘KUMU Art Museum-The 15th Tallin Print Triennial’), Norway (‘Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art, Momentum 9’) and France (‘Pavillon Blanc Art Center-Printemps de Septembre art festival’).

Stathis Crisidis has been active in the area of outsider art for two decades. He is a self-taught programmer and artist, as well as independent producer. From 2000 onwards he has participated in numerous artistic works as technician and since 2009 he has been presenting excerpts from his personal work with the general title ‘Χαοτικό Τηλεσκόπιο’ / ‘Chaotic Telescope’; ‘Άγνωστο Φως’ / ‘Unknown Light’, which will be presented as part of the performance ‘Control Center’, constitutes part of this work. Other performances: ‘Θραύσμα’ / ‘Fragment’ (2009), ‘Συχνότητα Δέλτα’ / ‘Delta Frequency’ (2010), ‘Machine Code Sunset’ (2010), ‘H Μηχανή και ο Σκλάβος’ / ‘The Machine and the Slave’ (2010), ‘Τερματικό Ένα’ / ‘Terminal One’ (2011), ‘ΜΕΜ: Μηχανή Εντός Μηχανής’ / ‘Machine Within Machine’ (2012), ‘Απομονωμένο Κύμα’ / ‘Isolated Wave’ (2012).
While working with industrial hydraulic installations, Laertis Liagkos was participating at the same time in various artistic projects, the most important one being the exhibition ‘Μνημόνια’ / ‘Memoranda’ at the Historical Archive of the National Bank of Greece in 2008. Since 2010 he has focused almost exclusively on the arts, offering technical support to numerous artistic projects, such as the performance ‘Τερματικό Ένα’ / ‘Terminal One’ (Stathis Chrisidis, 2011), the feature film ‘Α – Alpha’ (Stathis Athanasiou, 2013), ParaMana Puppet Theatre 2014-2016, documenta 14 exhibition (2017).

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