Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc by Bruno Dumont / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

"Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc" by Bruno Dumont

Flix it at the OCC 2017-2018

22 JAN 2018

With English subtitles
Upper Stage
105 min
The magazine "Cahiers du cinéma" ranked Dumont’s film first in the list of the ten best films of 2017. A minimalistic “punk” cinematic hybrid which remains delightfully unclassified from beginning to end.
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Having won the Grand Prix twice, but also the Caméra d'Or, at the Cannes Film Festival, Bruno Dumont has a unique surprise in store for us with his tenth directorial work. Jeannette, l'enfance de Jeanne d'Arc is a musical –which someone could even describe as postmodern- about the childhood years of a girl who would become a symbol. In Bruno Dumont’s film, eight-year-old Jeannette is a plain young shepherd girl, who however already feels her calling overwhelming her and, without having any other option, follows it and sings it and dances it, accompanied by her good friend Hauviette, the sisters and the head nun of the nearby abbey, and even a heavenly choir.

Based on two works by French author Charles Péguy, written in 1897 and 1910 in prose and verse, this film is constructed by the filmmaker as some kind of cinematic opera, with language functioning as libretto, and IGORRR’s music, one of the most unique creators of the contemporary French electro, attiring it in imaginative and unexpected ways.

Internationally acclaimed choreographer Philippe Decouflé, responsible among other things for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1992 Winter Olympics, curated the kinesiology and choreographies, borrowing elements from exceptionally diverse sources, starting from the classical tradition of dance and extending until cheerleading or headbanging.

In this way, Jeannette, l'enfance de Jeanne d'Arc constitutes an entirely unexpected cinematic blend, connecting the classical with the absolute modern, while at the same time resisting obedience to the rules of any genre. It is a minimalistic “punk” cinematic hybrid which remains delightfully unclassified from beginning to end.

Dumont’s film was the best film in the 2017 top 10 list of Cahiers du cinéma –directly following the television program Twin Peaks which came first-, proving the subversive insolence of a film, which in one way or another, constitutes an experience which challenges and rewards the viewer’s dedication.


Director, Script: Bruno Dumont
Cast: Lise Leplat Prudhomme, Jeanne Voisin, Lucile Gauthier, Victoria Lefebvre, Aline Charles, Elise Charles, Nicolas Leclaire, Gery De Poorter
Director of Photography: Guillaume Defontaines
Original Music: IGORRR
Choreography: Philippe Decouflé
Montage: Bruno Dumont & Basile Belkhiri

Organized by:, Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens

The screening will be prefaced by filmmaker Angelos Frantzis (A Dog’s Dream, In The Woods, Symptom), in an introduction worthy of this anorthodox musical.

Visual and street artist Dimitris Taxis, inspired by the film, has created a collectible poster which will be gifted to every member of the audience.

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