"Top Tens" exhibition, "24h Ubu" and Kenneth Goldsmith's performance / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

"Top Tens" exhibition, "24h Ubu" and Kenneth Goldsmith's performance

UbuWeb in Athens

Shadow Libraries: UbuWeb in Athens

16-18 MAR 2018
Opening: Friday 16 March | 20:00

"Top Tens" exhibition
"24h Ubu" screening:

Friday 20:00 to Saturday 20:00 (24h)
Sunday 12:00-20:00
Εxhibition Hall -1 | OCC

Performance by Kenneth Goldsmith:
Friday 16 March | 21:00 | Upper Stage | In English | The distribution of entrance tickets begins one (1) hour before the event.

Exhibition Hall & Upper Stage
We are entering the shadow library that changes the way we perceive art history through an exhibition, a 24-hour screening and a performance by Kenneth Goldsmith.
Free admission with entrance tickets.

The video programme of the exhibition Top Tens and 24h Ubu screening contains graphic imagery. Parent/adult discretion is advised.
In an age where public libraries are an endangered institution, media collections run by amateur librarians emerge as new, vital topographies of sharing. UbuWeb, a web-based educational archive founded by Kenneth Goldsmith in 1996, proposes a different sort of art history. It provides free and unrestricted access to a remarkable, idiosyncratic collection of film and video art, critical documents and essays, sound poetry and art recordings, among many other unclassifiable strands of the avant-garde.

We believe that the UbuWeb has a special meaning for Greece today, as it highlighted, through its spartan, low-bandwidth distribution, important questions regarding the notion of the periphery in an interconnected globalised world.

Through talks and workshops UbuWeb in Athens proposes to explore the uses of the archive in regards to artistic production, and examine Ubuweb and other shadow libraries, through the lens of its users and makers.

Friday 16 - Sunday 18 March

Top Tens Exhibition

A standard feature of UbuWeb is its Top Tens, where invited guests get to recommend their cherry-picking selection of the archive. UbuWeb in Athens invites ten contributors living in Greece to share and spatialise their collection by tracing their own path through the colossal mass of UbuWeb’s available works.

Curated by: Elpida Karaba
Guests: Konstantinos Dagritzikos, Maria F. Dolores, Daphne Dragona, Enterprise Projects, Sozita Goudouna, hiboux architecture & Alkis Hadjiandreou, Marika Konstantinidou, Jenni Kountouri Tsiami, Galini Notti, Danae Stefanou

Click here to see the Top Tens lists.

24h Ubu Screening
Drawn on curatorial, documentary and installation practices that reflect on the issues of moving image circulation, 24h Ubu features a selection of video works harvested from the confines of the UbuWeb archive. Curated by an algorithm designed by Heracles Papatheodorou that is programmed to fill the 24h slot to its maximal capacity, this video marathon gives the audience the chance to experience seminal, video works of the contemporary art archive during a long night event at the OCC.

Algorithmic selection for 24h Ubu designed by: Heracles Papatheodorou

Performance by Kenneth Goldsmith: The Ideal Lecture (In Memory of David Antin)
Kenneth Goldsmith will present a new, hour-long talk poem called The Ideal Lecture (In Memory of David Antin). About the work, Goldsmith writes, "I want an art that leaves no nagging questions, is insanely simple in its goals, and meets every one of them unequivocally. I want an art where the philosophical questions posed in the work are answered in the experience of the work itself. I want an art that my mother can understand." The piece will be accompanied by visuals by the experimental graphic design studio Other Means (NYC).

Kenneth Goldsmith (born 1961) is an American poet. His writing has been called some of the most exhaustive and beautiful collage work yet produced in poetry by Publishers Weekly. He is the founding editor of UbuWeb and is a senior editor of PennSound at the University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches. He hosted a weekly radio show at WFMU from 1995 until June 2010. He has published many books of poetry, notably Fidget, Soliloquy, Day and his American trilogy. He is the editor of the I'll Be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews, which is the basis for an opera, Trans-Warhol, that premiered in Geneva in 2007. In 2011, he co-edited with Craig Dworkin the book Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing and published a book of essays entitled Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age. In 2013, he was appointed the Museum of Modern Art's first poet laureate.

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Elpida Karaba
Elpida Karaba is an art theorist and independent curator. She is specializing in the relationship between art and systems of knowledge, and has worked extensively with archival art and art in the public domain. Her publishing, research record and curatorial work focus on art and political theory, feminist theory, institutional discourse, performance, artivism and research-based art practices. She is teaching art and architecture theory at the University of Thessaly, School of Architecture. In 2013 she initiated the Temporary Academy of Arts, a hybrid of artistic, curatorial and educational practice that develops an experimental quasi-institutional action collaborating with artists, theorists, ethnographers, architects, musicians, filmmakers and many other professionals. Part of it is SEP (Society of Cultural Workers) a quasi-institution that advocates for the promotion and support of labor rights for cultural workers in Greece, addressing the economic disparities that exist locally but also globally; disparities that deprive the professional dignity and access to dignified means of support for workers in the field of culture. Since 2009 she is consultant and collaborator of the Institute of Greek Contemporary Arts (ISET), inviting artists to work with the archive of ISET and present to the public the results of their research. She has been researcher for the Athens School of Fine Arts and the University of Patras, and the editor of books and AICA Hellas annual journal, focusing on issues of curating, public art, institutional critique and critical methodologies. She lives and works in Athens.

Heracles Papatheodorou
Heracles Papatheodorou is a multidisciplinary creative and licensed architect (dipl. School of Architecture, NTUA), with experience in the fields of design, new media arts, architecture and web development. He’s currently part of the Digital Development team at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens. His current research interests encompass digital games, artistic practices and the relationship between the digital and society. https://heracl.es

16 - 18 Mar 2018

Inside & Outside the Onassis Stegi
Free entrance to all the events, on a strictly first come, first served basis.

The distribution of entrance tickets begins one (1) hour before the event.

Reservation is required for all the workshops
and the symposium Authoring at the Digital Age
held at the Onassis Library.


Shadow Libraries: UbuWeb in Athens

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