Geometries exhibition: Public programme


6 MAY 2018

Agricultural University of Athens (Iera Odos 75, Athens)
By bus: Βuses 856 and A16 | “Geoponiki Sholi” stop.
By metro: Blue Line (Line 3: Egaleo-Doukissis Plakentias Airport) | “Keramikos” station.
By car: Parking space is available at the University area (​limited capacity).
Let's meet up at the Agricultural University on Sundays! Workshops, walks, talks, true food as part of Geometries exhibition, to discover and enjoy the urban landscape.
Free entrance events.
Some events require reservation (see below for each event).

12:00-14:00 | Seeds by Peliti

Peliti invites you to a free distribution of traditional seeds, leading a workshop for the creation of a seedbank with traditional varieties and a game with vegetables camouflaged, in full bloom.

Peliti has been involved with the regeneration of traditional varieties since 1995. Fourteen local groups seek out traditional varieties, reproduce them and share them along with the knowledge involved in seed saving.

Location: At the entrance of the orchard | Duration: 2 hours

12:00 | Local Varieties: From the Past to the Future – Α lecture by Penelope Bebeli & Roikos Thanopoulos

Local varieties were created in the past by the choices farmers made, amongst hundreds of plant species and their ensuing adaptation to different micro-environments: these formed the basic ingredients of people’s diet. In the 20th century the creation of improved varieties greatly reduced the number of local ones whilst others have disappeared for good. Now things are changing again.

Penelope Bebli is a Professor at the Agricultural University of Athens, where she directs the laboratories of Crop Production & Plant Breeding and Biometry.
Dr Roikos Thanopoulos is an agronomist, head of a department at the Agricultural University of Athens.

Location: Cinema Zagara | Duration: 20 minutes

14:00 | We Are All Seeds: Α cooking workshop by Troō Food Liberation & Perfect 10 gluten free bread from Betty’s Bakery

A workshop for sprouting seeds followed by a feast inspired by the phrase «the seeds of life».

Troō Food Liberation is a collective, active since 2009, creating «Real Food». The group’s key manifesto is that unprocessed foods from sustainable harvesting, contributes towards a positive evolution of our sociopolitical, ecological, and collective consciousness, offering a tangible “way out” for the future.
Betty’s Bakery is a bio-certified artisanal bakery working exclusively with sourdough and stone milled organic flour. It supports local communities, respects the environment and innovates in its recipes and work ethic.

Location: Vineyard | Admission is free and on a first come first served basis | Reservation is required. For reservations, please contact

16:00 | Wild Relatives (2018), screening of the film and an introduction by the director  Jumana Manna

Wild Relatives is the account of twelve months in the lives of people from Lebanon, Syria and Norway, who engage with the land in various ways. It follows a transaction of seeds between two distant geographies, semi-deserts that seemingly have little to do with one another; Svalbard, in the Arctic Ocean and the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. While tracing this event, many other stories unfold. The film premiered at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival, in February 2018.

Jumana Manna is a Palestinian-American artist based in Berlin.

Location: Central Ηall of University | Duration: 90 minutes

21:30 | Cinema Zagara: Ecodrome – Curated by Céline Condorelli and Filipa Ramos

Ecodrome is a film programme curated by Filipa Ramos, spread out across five screening sessions which combine documentaries, artists’ films and feature-length films that deal with the consequences of living in a dangerously warmer world for people, animals and landscape alike.
Hosted in Cinema Zagara, deisgned by Céline Condorelli, as a set of mini-architectural structures that pay tribute to Jantar Mantar, an astronomic observatory located in Delhi, India. Made out of reused and recycled architectonic elements it functions both as seating and measurement devices for various spatial politico-ecological coordinates.

This Sunday a series of films dedicated to SEED:
- A Film, Reclaimed, Ana Vaz and Tristan Bera, 2015, France, HD Video, 19 min.
- Seasons of the Year, Artavazd Pelechian, Armenia, 1975, 35 mm., 29 min.
- Megara, Sakis Maniatis and Yorgos Tsemberopoulos, Greece, 1973/1974, 35 mm transferred to digital, 69 min.
- Inhabitants, Artavazd Peleshian, 1970, Armenia, 35 mm transferred to digital video, 9 min.

With an introduction by the director Tristan Bera.

Location: Cinema Zagara | Duration: 2 hour and 20 minutes

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