5th Young Choreographers Festival: Evangelia Kolyra / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

5th Young Choreographers Festival: Evangelia Kolyra

code bend time

5th Young Choreographers Festival

28-29 APR 2018
5th floor - Young Theatre Workshop
Is there a connection between the language we speak and the way we act? Evangelia Kolyra invites us to an interactive performance of long duration, in an original venture where dance meets the diversity of language. A performance about what dance can “say” and what language can “dance”.
Free admission on a first come, first served basis
Evangelia Kolyra was introduced to the Greek public during the 3rd Festival of Young Choreographers, through her work 10000 Litresa bizarre stage experiment on the function of breathing and the human body as a means of communication. Her new work, code bend time, investigates the diversity of cultural elements inherent in language through an interactive performance of long duration. Bearing in mind “all that words can do”, the choreographer seeks points of contact between the spoken word and movement, their interaction and the dialogue between the expressiveness of the body and the mobility of language.

Guided by a score, the audience reads out the choreographer’s instructions, which she subsequently transcribes into movement. This playful and imaginative kinetic experiment is open to spectators of all ages and the “personality” of every voice. If everyday language is a living system that continues to “incorporate” new characteristics and to be enriched by the people who use it, what happens to its elements that are translated into kinetic acts? How can a variety of non-verbal elements like vocal fluctuations (tone, pitch, pauses etc.) and vocalisations (laughter, crying, shouts etc.) be utilised as primary material for synthesis? Kolyra creates an environment that is conducive to the exchange of experiences, where the actions of the performer and the audience are not sharply distinguished, illuminating humorous or dark aspects of the human psyche through unexpected encounters.


Concept & Performance: Evangelia Kolyra
Set & Costume Design: Lina Motsiou
Lighting Design: Maria Gozadinou
Graphic Design: Harry Lagoussis
Assistant Costume Design: Alexandra Giannakandropoulou
Artwork: Eleni Tomadaki

Commissioned by Dance4 and Lace Market Gallery
Co-produced by Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens and Dance4 
Supported by Siobhan Davies Studios
Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Thanks to: Eleni Papaioannou, Gerasimos Pavlou, Revekka Giannaki

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