Borderline Festival 2018 | 4th Day / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Borderline Festival 2018 | 4th Day

Saturday 21 April

Borderline Festival 2018

21 APR 2018
Outside the Onassis Stegi
On the 4th day, the Borderline gets out of the Onassis Cultural Centre with classical minimalism, metal music, sonic geography of the site, hallucinatory drones, eerie drone, combinations of tempos and experimental musical fields.
Free entrance events and events with tickets

Presale: OCC's Friends - 21 March | General - 28 March, at 12:00

You can purchase your ticket also at Romantso on the event day, after 21:00 (depending on ticket availability)
Saturday 21 April

Pierre Berthet | Galileo (2000) by Tom Johnson | Performance

Agricultural University of Athens | Vineyard | Admission free | within the Geometries exhibition
Reservation is required. For reservations, please contact (providing name, surname and mobile phone number) | Limited seats will be available one hour before the event, on a first come first served basis.

Yoni Silver
Scanner & Maria Papadomanolaki

E.D.W. | Admission free
Reservation is required. For reservations, please contact (providing name, surname and mobile phone number) | Limited seats will be available one hour before the event, on a first come first served basis.​

Constantine with Dafin Antoniadou
Lawrence English
Pan Daijing

Romantso | 10 € (Full price) -  8 € (reduced, OCC's Friends, Groups 5-9 people) - 7 € (Νeighbourhood residents, Groups 10+ people) -  6 €​ (Unemployed, People with disabilities & Companions)
You can purchase your ticket also at Romantso on the event day, after 21:00 (depending on ticket availability)
*The venue does not have wheelchair access and is not suitable for people with impaired mobility.


Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) | Talk 

E.D.W. | Admission free | Reservation is required. For reservations, please contact (providing name, surname and mobile phone number)

Pierre Berthet | The goodwill of Aeolus | Sound Installation
Agricultural University of Athens | Vineyard | Admission free | within the Geometries exhibition
Friday 20 April: 17:00-21:00
Saturday 21 - Sunday 22 April: 12:00-21:00


Curated by: Michalis Moschoutis

Pierre Berthet's participation is supported by:

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Yoni Silver is a London based Israeli bass-clarinetist and multi-instrumentalist. He has performed and recorded within a wide array of experimental musical fields both as soloist and in collaboration with musicians such as Steve Noble, Birgit Ulher, Hyperion Ensemble, Blood Stereo and many others. His unique style on the bass clarinet is an amalgam of techniques and expressive means associated with free jazz and improv, and a sound-evolution approach derived from Noise and hyper-spectralism. He has appeared on labels such as Creative Sources, Confront Recordings, Wasted Capital, Chocolate Monk and Edition Modern.

British composer and artist Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner) and Greek sound artist Maria Papadomanolaki will work in response to the site and sounds around E.D.O. in Athens. Following on from the first iteration of this collaboration around Bethnal Green in London (2014), Rimbaud and Papadomanolaki will perform a live and improvised sonic geography of the site by incorporating real-time field recordings, voice and electronics.

Constantine’s work goes beyond the boundaries of conventional music and could be described as a mass of overloaded and piercing sound made of guitars, amplifiers, orchestral instruments, prepared piano, old tube radios and field recordings. Music influenced by metal, classical minimalism and drone. His critically acclaimed debut album Hades was released on Bedouin Records and was ranked amongst the best albums of 2017 according to influential platforms such as Headphone Commute, A Closer Listen, Tartine de contrebasse, Mutual Grimness and more. For Borderline Festival, Constantine will be collaborating with rising choreographer Dafin Antoniadou for a live audio/dance performance based on music from Hades and the unique choreographic language that derived from the artists’ previous collaboration titled MATTER.

Helm is Luke Younger, a sound artist and experimental musician based in London, working with a vast array of revolving instrumentation and abstract sound sources. Younger’s compositions build dense aural landscapes that incorporate elements of musique concrète and industrial music alongside hallucinatory drones and various acousmatic phenomena.

Lawrence English is composer, media artist and curator based in Australia. Working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work prompts questions of field, perception and memory. He investigates the politics of perception, through live performance and installation, to create works that ponder subtle transformations of space and ask audiences to become aware of that which exists at the edge of perception.

Perched on the cutting edge where Berlin’s music and art scenes blur into one another, Pan Daijing‘s music is steeped in dark noise and cinematic atmospherics, drifting into eerie drone and twisted beats. EP releases on Noisekölln and Bedouin Records have worked as enticing stepping stones towards the Chinese-born artist’s debut LP Lack, out on PAN in July 2017.
Her purgative, often physical performances have recently pummelled the festival stages of CTM, Sonar, and Atonal, whilst also crafting sonic installations for exhibitions and live scored art performances and dance shows.

Babyfather is a London based group featuring Dean Blunt, DJ Escrow, Gassman, Triumph ALLAH and Lady T. Their debut album, BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow, was released in 2016 on Hyperdub and also includes contributions from Arca and Mica Levi.

In the context of the collaboration between Geometries and Borderline Festival, Pierre Berthet will present a sound installation of wind harps (20-22 Απριλίου), and two performances.
For this sound installation with the title The goodwill of Aeolus (20-22 April), Pierre uses various suspended can-resonators linked with wires and activated by small motors and possible winds. 
On Saturday 21 April he will present Tom Johnson’s Galileo, a composition/instrument that swings on five pendulums. The slowest of these hangs from a line about 260 cm long, suspended from a height of about 4 meters. The other four pendulums must be carefully measured, following the formula discovered by Galileo Galilei some 500 years ago, so as to make their cycles in 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, and 4/5 the time necessary for the longest. A sequence of short compositions allow us to hear all the different combinations of tempos. The piece has evolved slowly from three pendulums to five, from 10 minute to over 40, in a variety of situations.
On Sunday 22 April he will present a Concert for various objects. Music with drops, balloons, tubes, stones, vacuum cleaners, snail and mussel shells, hooks, dry plants, seeds etc. Blowing, hitting, shaking, moving, singing.
Since the 90s, Pierre Berthet has been designing and building sound objects and installations using steel, plastic, water, magnetic fields, vacuum cleaners, dry plants, seeds and various objects he finds in nature. Pierre Berthet studied percussion with André Van Belle and Georges-Elie Octors, improvisation with Garrett List, composition with Frederic Rzewski, and music theory with Henri Pousseur.

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