FFF5 | Leonardo Moreira & Cia. Hiato / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

FFF5 | Leonardo Moreira & Cia. Hiato

The Odyssey

Onassis Fast Forward Festival 5–Athens

15-16 MAY 2018
3 hours and 20 minutes (with 2 intermissions of 20 minutes)
1st part: 1 hour and 30 minutes
2nd part: 1 hour and 10 minutes
3rd part: 40 minutes
Main Stage
World Premiere | In Portuguese, with Greek and English surtitles.
Age guidance: 18+
Drawing inspiration from the Homeric epics, the outstanding Brazilian collective returns to the OCC. Like contemporary rhapsodists of old, seven actors recount personal and collective odysseys, oscillating between realism and fantasy. The living/live experience of this marginal narrative challenges the fact-fiction dichotomy and the audience-actor polarity. Because, after all is said and done, we may all be equally mythical and monstrous.
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Neighbourhood residents, Large groups (10+ people): 7 €
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Cia. Hiato’s The Odyssey is inspired by Homer’s narrative and associated with personal experiences of the actors. In this rhapsodic play, the audience takes the place of the absent protagonist: Odysseus.

So the audience might be a foreign guest listening to contemporary stories, but also be a migrant, a political and military leader, a strategist, a poet, a husband, a father, an adulterer, a homeless person, a pig, a soldier with a traumatic past, a thief, a liar, a colonial invader, a home owner, a refugee, a mass murderer, or a war hero.

Leonardo Moreira and his actors divided the poem in seven investigations that correspond to a certain character in the Odyssey: Telemachus, his abandoned son; the nymph Calypso, who offered him her immortality and endless love; the witch Circe, who guided him until the world of the dead; the goddess Athena, who architected a war on his behalf; Penelope, his waiting wife; Odysseus’s many shipmates who died before they could make it home and  the countless slaves in Odysseus’s house, many of whom are never named.

Similar to the poem, seven actors tell their own personal stories – some true, some false, dreams, memories and doubts – to weave and unweave a multilayered narrative that is both simple and artful in its composition.

Immersing ourselves in the “stories we tell” may help us reconsider our infinitely complex contemporary world – the plight of a people who want to remember that there are no boundaries between ordinary life and mythology. Grasping the small, tragi-comical details of modern day life intertwined with the Greek Ancient thoughts about the human condition, the experience of Cia Hiato’s The Odyssey is an intimate sharing between actors and audience of powerful feelings as love, sadness, sex, abandon and anger. 


Inspired by Homer’s The Odyssey
Directed by: Leonardo Moreira
Written by: Aura Cunha, Aline Filócomo, Fernanda Stefanski, Leonardo Moreira, Luciana Paes, Maria Amélia Farah, Paula Picarelli, Thiago Amaral
Cast: Aline Filócomo, Aura Cunha, Fernanda Stefanski, Luciana Paes, Maria Amélia Farah, Paula Picarelli, Thiago Amaral
Co-Direction: Luciana Paes
Assistant Director: Aura Cunha
Dramaturgism: Mariana Delfini
Set & Lighting Design: Marisa Bentivegna
Costume Design: Chris Aizner
Assistant Set Design & Video Operator: Cezar Renzi
Sound and Music by: Miguel Caldas
Audio-visual Director and Graphic Design: Laerte Késsimos
Photos: Ligia Jardim
Voice (recorded): Angeliki Papoulia
Translation: Giannis Papadakis
Production Direction (EU): Judith Martin - Ligne Direct
Production Management (EU): Jonathan Offereins – Connecting Creativity
Produced by: Cia. Hiato and Onassis Culture/FFF
Co-production: SESC-SP, Grand Theatre Groningen, Prefeitura Municipal de São Paulo, Governo do Estado de São Paulo

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Cia. Hiato is: Aline Filócomo, Aura Cunha, Fernanda Stefanski, Leonardo Moreira, Luciana Paes, Maria Amélia Farah, Marisa Bentivegna, Paula Picarelli, Thiago Amaral, Yumi Ogino

Cia. Hiato, the group founded by the director and playwright Leonardo Moreira, is considered one of the most promising and talented theatre collectives in Brazil. Moreira gathered a group of actors with whom he started working from the hiatus between fiction and reality. Over the years they created a body of work winning several prices in Brazil.

Cachorro Morto (2008), was nominated for two FEMSA Awards (Best Play and Best Scenography). Escuro (2009) received three Shell Awards in 2011 – Best Playwright, Best Scenography and Best Costume.

In 2012, O Jardim, his third work, was nominated for 19 of Brazil’s leading awards and won a.o.  the Shell Award 2012 – Best Playwright. O Jardim was named the best play of recent years by several critics. International touring followed with a Dutch touring festival curated by Frie Leysen and presentations at Under the Radar, New York; Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens; HAU, Berlin; Mousonturm, Frankfurt; Hellerau, Dresden; FestWochen, Austria; etc.

Ficção (2012), consisting of six one-hour monologues by each one of the core actors of the company was invited to Theater Der Welt in 2012 and later part of Projeto Brasil touring Germany in 2016. In 2014 on invitation of KunstenFestivalDesArts the group produced 2 Fictions (2014) that was presented at the festival and later in Brazil.

The last work, Amadores (2017), was nominated as Outstanding Direction at the São Paulo’s Arts Critics Association (APCA) and named one of the best pieces to be seen in Brazil by different media.

In 2018 the company celebrates its 10 years of existence with the presentation of several works of the company in Sao Paolo as well as with the premiere of their seventh production The Odyssey.

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