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From self-portrait to selfie

Directing ourselves

ΝΟV 2018
For Teenagers 13-17 years old
You must already know how to take a selfie. But do you know how to take an ‘anti-selfie’? In this workshop, we talk about…ourselves. Or rather, we talk about our own image—a favourite subject for many great painters in the history of Art. What were they looking for? What are we looking for?
Participation cost:
45 € (for all five workshops in the cycle)
Ever since the Renaissance, artists—all of us, by now— have been experimenting with their own image. You may have tried taking a picture of yourself, even if you never posted it on social media. What do we get through the process and how do selfies work in today’s pop culture?

We will be talking about this, and much more, at this workshop; for example, what does it mean to direct oneself, choosing this or that particular expression or moment? It’s a question that has fascinated many great visual artists in the history of Art.
We will be playing with our own image through presentations, computer applications, apps, photographs, paintings and collages; we will even create an…anti-selfie!
Plus, we will talk about issues of privacy and personal data, but also about social media algorithms so that you get to know their secrets.


Kyriaki Goni: Visual artist & researcher

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Addressed to:
Teenagers 13-17 years old

On the Fridays 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 November 2018


Participation cost:
45 € (for all five workshops in the cycle)

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T: 213 017 8002

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