Alice Potts

1–30 NOV 2018
Multiple stages
Artist and recent Royal College of Art Graduate, Alice Potts states: “One day we will be able to grow our own accessories on our skin” while she exhibits in the Onassis Stegi crystalline accessories created by the sweat of dancers and athletes.
Sweat is an excretion of chemicals related to heat, passion, a reaction, a thermo regulation. A bodily fluid as yet un-examined through the eyes of Fashion or Art, Alice Potts has created an aesthetic exploration touching on the chemistry, and the beauty of this entropy. She will take her Masters’ collection of crystalline accessories from dancers and athletes and present them in a curated show by Starvos Karelis in her first moment as an Onassis fellow during the Athens Biennale in November of this year.

“One day we will be able to grow our own accessories on our skin.” Alice stated in conversation with Sarah Mower and so Alice Potts, a recent Royal College of Art Graduate, taught by Zowie Broach, now begins her fellowship programme for the Onassis Foundation.

The main focus of the work will look at the confluence of Fashion, Science and the human body.   A poetry of the human fluids, sweat as art, she will begin to further study the human sporting anatomy, both inside and outside led naturally, by the history of Athens, the origins of the Olympian, the body full of blood,   the maths of the sweat, that passion and examination of those extraordinary feats of athletic endeavour in a city, within our world, where the sporting, social and cultural high-lights all began.

During the Athens Biennale, Alice will present the work showcasing an alternate future of design and will be the starting point of exploring a deeper connection of her work aiming to create a new alternative and sustainable set of opportunities during her Onassis Fellowship.

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