Commons / Uncommons

Series of workshops and talks on Digital Culture and Arts

1 JAN – 30 JUN 2019
A journey through talks, workshops, performances and commissioned works in the world of the digital dipole of Commons and Uncommons. An exploration, we consciously choose to embark from the position of the commons.
This season, the Onassis Digital Programme explores the dipole of Commons and Uncommons. Through a series of talks, workshops, performances, commissioned works we investigate the dialectics between forms of sharing and appropriating, contributing to the commons and extracting, pausing and overexploiting, selling and giving.
We consciously choose to embark this journey from the position of the commons and then explore the forms that instrumentalise them in order to oppose and neutralize them, rather than using property as the norm from which we are going to explore deviations. In this deem, this as an ethical position emphasizing the communing as the canonical rather than the deviant form of organizing; but we also reflect on the broader socio-technical phenomena that are formative of contemporary societies of technogovernmentality. 


Curated by: Prodromos Tsiavos, Heracles Papatheodorou, Theodoros Chiotis

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