Music for DIY Electronics

Music for DIY Electronics

DIY: Building our own musical instruments

17 – 18 OCT 2018
For teachers in primary and secondary education (especially teachers who work with students aged 9–14)
What can soldering and hammering possibly have to do with scales or an electric jack? Obviously, music's the connection! In this pioneering music course, participants will learn how to use digital tools and electronic circuits to send music education into orbit.
Participation cost: 20 €
What does 'music' mean? Have you ever asked yourself that? It's a good question to get a musical journey underway in class. Because music doesn't have to be tonal or even based on notes. Improvised instruments, everyday sounds -even silences- can form part of a composition.

In this workshop, educators will learn how to make creative use of concepts from DIY, making, electronics and sound-based music making, but also how to integrate activities centred on listening, music performance and construction into their classes. The workshop is led by John Richards, who has headed similar projects within the framework of the EU's "Interfaces" program, which is coordinated by the Onassis Stegi.

At the end of the course, the teachers will take practical tools away with them – everything from playlists and recommended projects to general techniques applicable to manual tasks and construction!


John Richards: Musician & composer

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John Richards explores the idea of Dirty Electronics that focuses on shared experiences, ritual, gesture, touch and social interaction. In Dirty Electronics process and performance are inseparably bound. The 'performance' begins on the workbench devising instruments and is extended onto the stage through playing and exploring these instruments. Richards is primarily concerned with the performance of large-group electronic music and DIY electronics, and the idea of composing inside electronics. His work also pushes the boundaries between music, performance art, electronics, and graphic design and is transdisciplinary as well as having a socio-political dimension.

The workshop is part of the Interfaces programme, which is co-funded by the EU's "Creative Europe" programme.

Addressed to:
Teachers in primary and secondary education (especially teachers who work with students aged 9–14)

Wednesday 17 & Thurday 18 October 2018

17:00 - 21:00 

Participation cost:
20 €

Reservation and more info:
T: 213 017 8002

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