Bubble Jam

Become the stars of the most cyber performance

22 NOV 2018 – 19 APR 2019
Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes
For students between second year of Junior High School and third year of senior High School.
This is a different performance. Bubble Jam is an interactive game that expects you and your schoolmates to shape a scenario live, with your smartphone in hand.
Cost: 5 € per student
We know all about it. Smartphone, laptop, tablet, TV, they are a great part of your life. What would you say to an experiment?

Bubble Jam is a game and a performance that is shaped through your own choices too. You, the participants, will be equipped with smartphones connected to a central computer that will send out instructions and questions reminiscent of the way you play online games and participate in social networks. The outcome of the scenario changes from time to time, depending on the answers and decisions you take. Because, even in a cyber world, there is still a society and a need for participation and democracy.

Through this performance, where you will be an audience and an actor, you will find out that your voice matters, since you are already an active member of a digital society.


Concept and Direction: Daniel Wetzel

Written by: Daniel Wetzel, Nikolas Hanakoulas, Giorgos Panagiotakis
Space: Dido Gkogkou
Light: Guy Stefanou
Software system design and implementation: Dimitris Trakas (ViRA)
Graphics: Dimitris Trakas, Renia Papathanasiou (ViRA)
Sound design and programming: Lambros Pigounis
Script editors, software system operators: Andreas G. Andreou, Kostis Kapidakis
Project coordinator: Nikos Voyatzis
Trainee: Kristin Brechler
Assistant space designer: Iliana Kaladami
Assistant sound designer: Stefanos Siminelakis
Consultant-psychologist: Florentia Bakomitrou
Production management: Juliane Männel (Rimini Protokoll), Yalena Kleidara (Apparat Athen)
Technical director (Rimini Protokoll): Martin Schwemin
Special thanks to: Alexandra Bousiou, Barbara Ehnes, Martha Foka, Dimitris Kalakidis, Eleni Kolovou, Arianna Kontopanou, Dimitris Lianos, Aimilia Panagiotaki, Victoria Panagiotaki, Jean Peters, Ilias Pantazis, Michalis Papantonopoulos, Mary Voyatzaki, Zoi Wetzel
Produced by: Onassis Stegi and Rimini Apparat
Co-producer: The Cultural Schoolbag Norway / DKS Asker (Asker municipality)
Using technology and elements that have been developed by Ioanna Valsamidou and Daniel Wetzel for the Rimini Protokoll Project “Dreaming Collectives. Tapping Sheep (State 3)” (Staatstheater Dresden and others, 2017)

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Addressed to:
Students between second year of Junior High School and third year of senior High School.

Every Thursday and Friday, from 22 November 2018 to 21 April 2019


5 € per student

Reservation and more info:
T: 213 017 8002
Email: education@sgt.gr

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