The History of Writing / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

The History of Writing

Discover symbols, systems and words

NOV 2018 – MAY 2019
Onassis Library (Amalias Avenue 56)
For 5th and 6th year primary school pupils
The history of writing is nothing but the history of humanity, whose aim has always been communication. Long before emails, sms, emoticons and messenger, people designed symbols and invented various systems to send their messages. Find out about them.
Cost: Free admission
Would you like to have your name written in Linear B? If so, join us to find out the many ways people used to communicate in writing, using drawings, paintings, symbols, systems and words. The Phoenician alphabet, the Rosetta Stone, cave paintings and many more findings and writing systems will prove to you that people have always tried to supplement their communication with writing. They have used quills, chisels and strange varieties of ink.
If you have questions, join our workshop to find the answers. You will observe and handle many tools and you will be called upon to become a calligrapher, because you will create your own “rare” manuscript using pens, brushes and real ink to draw on aged paper, as you would have to do if you lived in a bygone era.


Nikolas Tsoukalas: Geologist MSc, Museum Educator
Nikolas Kouniotis: Graphic Artist, Designer

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Αddressed to:
5th and 6th year primary school pupils

November 2018-May 2019


Free admission

The Onassis Library (56 Amalias Ave., Athens)

Application and selection process:
Schools in Attiki can apply by sending an email until 15 October 2018. 
Applications should be sent to, with "Onassis Library—Schools" in the subject line, and include the title of the workshop being applied for, the number of students, and the school website. 
Replies will be sent out by 1 November 2018. 
The school groups selected will be able to take part in one workshop each. Applications will be processed on a first-come first-served basis. 
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