The History of Engraving / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

The History of Engraving

Books are full of visual art treasures. Join us and we will discover them together.

NOV 2018 – MAY 2019
Onassis Library (Amalias Avenue 56)
For secondary students
This workshop is like a dual journey. The first stop is the Onassis Library and the second the School of Fine Arts. Let’s thumb through books and discover engravings that will make them more attractive. Above all, join us to discover the great art of engraving.
Cost: Free admission
Do you want to join us in the Onassis Library, to browse through rare books and discover the small works of art hiding inside them? Let’s look at a drop cap. “What’s that?” you’re bound to wonder, and with reason. It is the first letter that begins the text. It is usually a capital letter and quite different from the rest, as if designed by an artist. And you know what? It is actually designed by one.

Looking for such artists, we will visit the School of Fine Arts so that the artists themselves can explain to you all about the art of engraving. They will talk to you about its history, show you the way to make an engraving step by step: from the first draft to the printing stage. They will also teach you how to carve on linoleum. More unknown words? No worries, you’ll learn a lot in this workshop. Then you will pick up the special tools and create your own work on Japanese paper, a drop cap to take home as a souvenir. You may even find you’re an artist at heart, who knows?


Yannis Gourzis: AFSA engraving professor
Miltiadis Petalas: Painter & engraver, lab assistant, Athens School of Fine Art
Pantazis Tselios: Painter & engraver, lab assistant, Athens School of Fine Art

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Addressed to:
Secondary students

November 2018-May 2019

Free admission

The Onassis Library (56, Amalia Ave., Athens) and Athens School of Fine Arts – ASFA (256 Piraeus Street – Athens)

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