Music Connects the OCC and the Panteion University, Vol. 4 / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Music Connects the Onassis Stegi and the Panteion University, Vol. 4

23 & 31 JAN, 6 FEB 2019
Panteion University
Have you ever heard electric guitar in a contemporary music recital? Acoustic guitar with four extra strings? A solo oboe accompanied by the sound of crystal glasses or a harp? Have you seen scores containing only words, which anyone can play?
Free admission with entrance tickets.
For the fourth consecutive year, the “Music Bridge Over Syngrou Avenue” connects the Onassis Stegi with Panteion University to offer up new combinations of instruments, new composers, and works receiving their première performances.

1st concert: 23 January 2019
In the first concert, we will hear  Vassos Nicolaou's new work for solo  oboe and electronics, commissioned  by the Onassis Stegi, along with a tribute to the most important oboist of our era, Heinz Holliger, and the musical partnership he formed with his harpist wife,  Ursula Holliger.

Spyros Kontos: Oboe, oboe d' amore
Gogo Xagara: Harp
With the participation of Panteion students (playing crystal glasses)
Luciano Berio: “Sequenza VII” for solo oboe (1969) 8'
Vassos Nicolaou: New work for oboe and electronics* (2018) 10'
Mario Lavista: “Marsias” for oboe and crystal glasses** (1982) 10'
Elliot Carter: “Trilogy” for oboe and harp (1992) 15'
Heinz Holliger: “Bouquet de pensées” (extracts) for oboe or oboe d'amore and harp (1995–2010) 15'

2nd concert: 31 January 2019
The second concert includes works for acoustic, ten-string and electric guitar, combining different sound versions of the instrument. Works by two young Greek women composers, Foteini Salmouka and Sofia Avramidou are heard alongside key works of recent years.
Part One
Foteini Salmouka: “Sillage – A fantasy for solo guitar” (2014) 6΄
Maurice Ohana: “Cadran Lunaire” (extracts) for ten-string guitar** (1981–1982) 10'
George Crumb: “The ghosts of Alhambra” for baritone, guitar and percussion** (2010) 20'

Nikos Zarkos: Acoustic and ten-string guitar
Arkadios Rakopoulos: Baritone
Marinos Tranoudakis: Percussion
Part Two
Sofia Avramidou New project for electric guitar* (2018) 8'
Fausto Romitelli “Trash TV Trance” for electric guitar (2002) 12'
Steve Reich “Electric Counterpoint(1987)—version for electric guitar and tape 15'

Mislav Režić: electric guitar
3d concert: 6 February 2019 
In the third and last concert, the improvisation and experimental music ensemble 6daEXIt will perform 20th- and 21st-century works from six countries. Panteion students will be collaborating with 6daEXIt in what is, for most of them, their first concert experience.
6daEXIt Improvisation Ensemble: Odysseas Gkallios (laptop), Yiannis Dimitroudis (Korg Microsynth, percussion), Lina Koukouli (Korg portable synth, percussion, objects), Fotis Lazidis (electric guitar, synth), Ioanna Valsamara (percussion), Dimitra Pavlou (violin), Alexis Porfiriadis (electric piano, melodica, objects, percussion), Chrysi Parpara (accordion), Athina Sotiroglou (cello, percussion, melodica), Yorgos Holopoulos (laptop, French horn)

With the participation of a group of Panteion students
Pauline Oliveros (US): “Teach yourself to fly” from her “Sonic Meditations” collection (1971–1989)
Makoto Nomura (Japan): “Shogi Composition”** (1999)
Carl Bergstrom Nielsen (Denmark): “Alchemy”*** (2016)
Liliana Alvarado Rodríguez (Mexico): “Círculos”*** (2017)
Ian Mikyska (Czech Republic/UK): “With/against” *** (2016)
Alexis Porfiriadis (Greece): “Between the We and the I”*** (2018)

* Commissioned by Onassis Stegi
** Greek premiere
*** Works written for the 6daEXit Improvisation Ensemble, premiere performances


Project Head: Lorenda Ramou
Professor in charge, Panteion University: Georgios Klimis

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Entrance is free and on a first come, first served basis.
The distribution of entrance tickets begins one (1) hour before each event.

Supported by the Onassis Stegi's know-how and networking, the students studying Culture and Cultural Management in Panteion’s Department of Communication, Media and Culture have undertaken to promote the concert series in close collaboration with the musicians. The concerts are the culmination of an intensive workshop which seeks to acquaint students with contemporary music and the experience of organizing a concert.

Another goal is to spotlight the talent of young composers and performers. The press releases, social media posts, reports, articles, interviews and often the photographs are the work of students working in groups. Every year, different instrumental combinations and themes are selected in order to cover as broad a repertoire as possible. The Onassis Stegi and Panteion University have joined forces for the fourth consecutive year to run the programme.

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