Blockchain: Utopia or U-turn? / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Blockchain: Utopia or U-turn?

8-10 & 16-17 FEB 2019 
Inside & Outside the Onassis Stegi
What is a blockchain? How might blockchain technology change our lives? Thinkers, artists and hackers at a festival that explores the economic and artistic applications—subversive and otherwise—of this exciting technology in our networked world.
The blockchain technology underpins the digital currency Bitcoin, which was created in 2008. We could describe it as an encrypted digital spreadsheet which is shared between users and records financial data and transactions, contracts and bilateral agreements without the intervention of a central administrator, such as banks. 

The festival invites thinkers, artists and hackers to discuss the dialectic of resistance and recuperation which characterizes blockchain technology. It is a fascinating subject for study which helps us understand and envisage our position in our digitally networked society.

Although blockchain has mainly been adopted by investors and entrepreneurs, it is also extensively employed by communities that explore radical and alternative uses to which the technology can be put in the arts, music, media and governance. But the new technology raises political and ethical questions, since, while it achieves social reciprocity and removes the need for mediators, it also presents an investment opportunity for a new—digital—elite. 


Curated by: Voltnoi Brege & Quetempo

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